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White Boutique

  • Morrison White
    Open side t-shirt
    £ 65 GBP
  • Moss White
    Ballet leggings
    £ 80 GBP
Ana Heart -
202 (1st floor) Fulham Road - London SW10 9PJ, UK -
£30 - £100 Ana Heart Phone: +44 203 747 6777

Yoga fashion in its purest form with White Boutique

With White Boutique, you can get the purest, cleanest yoga look with a collection of bright white pieces. Choose from dressing head to toe in white for your next yoga session or picking a few items to provide your outfit with the much-needed white space to rest the eye as it roams over your body. However you wear it, the White Boutique will add a classy touch to your yoga wardrobe.

You can find items from all of our clothing ranges here at White Boutique. There is a wide variety of tops, each with a unique, Ana Heart twist to the basic white tee so you’re never in danger of being stale. You will also find yoga pants, including the Love leggings with their wrap detailing around the waist to fit and flatter. Once you have completed your outfit, you can throw on the Cocoon boho hoodie with side laces which will keep you warm when you’re in Shavasana. These White Boutique favourites are sure to become your go-to yoga clothes.

White Boutique clothes are also made with Ana Heart’s guarantee for high quality yogawear so you know your new white pieces will survive the toughest of workouts. You will have only the best materials against your skin, helping you feel cool and comfortable as you move.

Return to the simplicity of white

Yoga is all about letting go of all the things that are unnecessary in life, so you can concentrate on your breath and your practice. That’s why we create a calm environment, wear the most comfortable clothes and banish all nagging thoughts from our mind when we step up to our yoga mat.

Even during the most challenging and complex sessions, sometimes our goal is to be completely at peace as if we were meditating or partaking in Hatha yoga. If you wear all white, you are truly making sure that your mind cannot be distracted while you perform as you will not be distracted by bold patterns or logos. Even when you’re in Halasana, where your body is completely inverted, the white fabric will give you something neutral to look at.

White is also a colour that reflects heat, so if your yoga is making you sweat, like Bikram, then it is crucial to wear something that lets your skin breathe. As you warm up, the white colour and high-tech fabric will start working to keep you cool.

In an ever-changing fashion-world, we also want to escape the bright colours and busy details from time to time. The White Boutique range will provide pieces that will give your eyes the welcome rest they need. Our strength is in our simplicity, yet we do not neglect our sense of style or individuality when wearing these effortless pieces.

Give your wardrobe basics a makeover

Anyone, yogini or not, has plenty of basic pieces in her wardrobe for everyday life. We all have our wardrobe staples that we can wear to almost anything, brunch, evening drinks and, of course, yoga. We use these items as a base on which we build our outfits, adding layers and accessories to create the best looks. The essential basics are white tops, which the White Boutique specialises in.

Although they are casual, these yoga tops are still of a quality that you would expect of any item of clothing, even the most formal. When we wear something all the time, to lots of different events, we need our clothes to endure our busy schedules and last for years. Many of our tops are 100% cotton and are crafted to be worn during the most intense yoga sessions so you know they are more than up to the task of everyday errands. At Ana Heart, the White Boutique will provide your new favourite basics as well as new yoga clothing.

Try pairing your new white clothes with pieces from our Lifestyle Collection, which is also designed to be worn outside the yoga studio. The neutral tones of the tops and sweatpants would match the versatility of the White Boutique selection.

Our unique items are full of subtle details

While we chose to focus on creating a range of clothing that is as simple as possible when putting together the White Boutique, we didn’t get rid of the Ana Heart flair for including stylish details. All of our items come with the Ana Heart logo, a single paintbrush stroke, adorning our yogis’ shoulders and ankles. In the White Boutique, the Morrison open-sided top features this logo in gold across the chest.

There are other little details to look for, like the print on the left sleeve of the Moore top with overlong sleeves. On the outside of the wrist, you can see the word, ‘SHINE’, reminding you to radiate positivity from within. There is also the gold lurex straps on the Monroe racer bra adding a little extra something to the plain white piece.

All of our clothes have a very unique cut and style, so when you see a range of white tops, each is very different. The Val top comes with skinny, twisted straps and a scoop back to add a new edge to the classic tank. The Paradise tank top also plays with interesting lines with its open back, drawing the eye across the shoulders. And let’s not forget the Peace top with thumb holes on the sleeves and cross-gartering at the neckline.