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Looking stylish is not just for big yoginis any more with our kids’ yoga clothing range

Just as you carefully choose your Ana Heart yoga clothes for comfort, durability and style, the same can be said for our kids’ yoga clothing as their growing bodies need to be well supported as they take their first steps on their yoga journey. Here at Ana Heart you can find the best leggings and tops that are especially designed for the littlest yoginis in the world.

All the benefits of yoga are just too good for only grown-ups to benefit! Kids can enjoy the improved flexibility, concentration and wellbeing just as you do when you get them started off with the basic poses. The Lola ballet leggings are sure to give your little one the range of movement needed to perfect the Bow Pose and the Just Like Her t-shirt is so comfortable, coming to relax in Child’s Pose poses a danger of them never coming back out again. Ana Heart provides everything kids’ yoga clothing should for getting every child into their own practice.

Beyond helping children maintain a varied active lifestyle, it has been proved time and time again that yoga helps focus their developing minds, improves how they view their own bodies and gives them a positive outlet for stress and other negative emotions. It creates a space for kids that is safe and free from judgement, primed to let them flourish beyond their yoga mat. Great kids’ yoga clothes are just the beginning of them becoming happy, healthy human beings.

Your little girl can be ‘Just like her’ with Ana Heart children’s yoga clothes

Kids’ yoga clothing, small a market as it is, mostly comprises of lots of eye-watering colours and patterns that would make any fashionista, whatever her age, cringe. Everyone knows that girls like to feel like grown-ups sometimes and Ana Heart’s ‘Just like her’ range will give her the perfect opportunity to wear something as stylish as her mum when she tries out new poses.

That’s why when we decided to include a range of children’s yoga clothes, we looked to our most popular items in the women’s range to bring you items you would love to see your little one in. If we never made the Moss leggings, then the Lola leggings would never exist either. Also, the Just Like Her t-shirt has its roots in our logo tops, particularly the Selena ‘Serial Chiller’ t-shirt. Just think, your little girl could dress to match you perfectly as you practice your Downward-facing Dog together.

We are the map that our children follow when it comes to making decisions in life and the best thing to do is set the example you would like to see them follow, and that goes beyond great children’s yoga clothes. Involving your little girl in your own practice, to be ‘Just like her’, will give her the building blocks to a healthy and happy future, where discipline, self-acceptance and high self-esteem come as naturally to her as breathing.

Stay fresh with trendy kids’ clothes for our youngest customers

Stylish mums everywhere can breathe easy knowing that their young daughters can now be as fashionable as they are in their yoga practice with kid’s yoga clothing by Ana Heart. While each piece is designed for the comfort of little bodies, our trendy kid’s clothes doesn’t skimp on the style with all the details and little touches you love in Ana Heart clothes. Both of you can rock that classic Ana Heart brushstroke which has now become synonymous with yoga chic.

While kids can dress themselves in the most cutting-edge yoga fashions, you can also be assured that their Ana Heart kids’ yoga clothes are still just that… for kids. With the roomy cut of the ‘Just like her’ top, you can be assured of both growing room and respectability. While we want our littlest customers to enjoy the style of their new yoga clothes, we would never deny them the chance to enjoy their childhood with restrictive or uncomfortable clothing.

Just like the Ana Heart men’s and women’s clothing range, this range of trendy kids’ clothes is designed to be worn wherever your little one finds herself, whatever activity she undertakes. Budding ballerinas and dancers would love the Lola leggings for the great range of movement and the little lace-up cuff details. Even if she is just out and about with mum, her kids’ yoga clothing from Ana Heart look great anywhere.

The same great quality kids’ clothing for all ages

Ana Heart embodies the very meaning of quality when it comes to yogawear and all of our customers have come to expect clothes that are comfortable, durable and made from the best materials. We know your top priority is to get the most from your yoga sessions and we have extended this privilege to our littlest yoginis who can enjoy leggings and tops made to the highest standard.

All tops are 100% Supima cotton so you know that your daughter’s young, delicate skin will only be coming into contact with the highest quality, most natural fabric possible. This material will allow the skin to breathe as she takes up any activity and allow her to move with ease.

When it comes to leggings, we aim for stretch and comfort, so we chose Supplex for its high-tech properties such as quick-drying, soft touch and elasticity. Getting into a Bridge Pose should be no trouble with the range of movement afforded in these great leggings.

Kids of all ages and sizes will be able to find their perfect kids’ yoga clothing until they are old enough to shop the full women’s range, including the great range of accessories as her yoga practice becomes more independent. We stock ages 4-12 years, so all little yoginis will be able to rock these great designs as they become young masters of their practice.