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Yoga Hoodies keep you looking hot when you’re cool

Yoga hoodies are almost essential pieces of equipment. It is not just that they are useful in every day life, for example as an easy way to keep the rain off your head as you go about your daily routine. Yoga hoodies can help with your routines as well. Take the cool-down period, for example. For most people, this is a time of quiet introspection and calm, winding down from the session, gathering your thoughts and even meditating on what you have learned and achieved. With your yoga hoodie over your head, the distractions of the world are just that little bit diminished. The glare of the sun, the sounds of people moving around, even the flow of air upon your face could all distract you from the important task of centring yourself, calming down and getting ready to go back into the world. And there’s just one other thing that a yoga hoodie will help you with, something essential to your personal well-being and general health – looking great!

Hoodies have been around far longer than anyone realises. People have been wearing them since medieval times. It’s no surprise – why wouldn’t you attach a small piece to the back of your shirt just in case it rains? Were it not for a branding issue, we might not refer to the famous outlaw as ‘Robin Hood’, but something else instead. The modern style of hoodie first came into being in 1930s New York, as an article of clothing for New York factory workers to keep the freezing cold out. In 1976, Sylvester Stallone, portraying a labourer-cum-boxer, wore a grey hoodie during training scenes in the first Rocky movie. It was this that cemented the hoodie not just as a great piece of fashion but also as excellent work-out gear. By the 1990s, hoodies had been adopted by both hip-hop and rave culture and were now fully embraced by the mainstream.

A versatile top for all seasons

As soon as you get your hands on one of our yoga hoodies, you will want to take it with you everywhere. Why wouldn’t you? It is the perfect clothing for just about every occasion, not just for your yoga sessions. It is the sort of versatile item you want to carry in case it is needed. If there is a light shower and you do not have a coat, a yoga hoodie will keep the rain off. It works just as well against the wind, and of course there is nothing better for avoiding squads of paparazzi, should that be a problem for you.

It is a versatile piece of clothing that you can sleep in, study in or just lounge around the house in. You can take it jogging or shopping. It can be a winter warmer, or summer sportswear; grab one to spruce up Spring or keep it for when the leaves start to turn, and the temperatures drop to ward against Autumn. But perhaps the biggest reason for their popularity, throughout the ages, is that they are versatile, comfortable, practical and cool. What more reason could you need?

The variety you need, when you need it

Whatever the situation, we have the yoga hoodie or the yoga sweatshirt for you. If you are looking for something simple yet versatile, this is where to start. It will seamlessly match the rest of your Ana Heart wardrobe, so that is something you will never have to worry about. It is made with the same level of quality and commitment to your well-being. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a piece of clothing that is not going to get stretched out of shape or start to sag. It moves as you move, breathes with you and will no matter how hard you work out or how deep into a session you go, your hoodie will still look as good as it did the moment you walked into the studio.

As with all our carefully-curated products, you can order your yoga hoodie in men’s and women’s styles, with a range of sizes. We also have a variety of styles and colours. If you do not see the item you want immediately, feel free to come back later when we are sure to have a whole new range of products and features that you are certain to love.

Make yourself unique in the crowd

No matter what you use your Ana Heart yoga hoodie for – whether it’s for exercise and yoga, jogging, as a piece of smart-casual workwear or just for relaxing around the house on a rainy Sunday afternoon – you can rest assured that no other piece of clothing is quite like it. It has been designed to function without causing you problems, no matter what you throw at it. And you will not find something on the high street that looks like our yoga hoodies. Our styles, colour combinations and features are completely unique, and are designed to be a seamless match with whatever you choose to pair them with: jeans, joggers, even jeggings… it all works!

So it is tailor-made to go with anything, and yet, it still remains unique. No matter what is in your wardrobe, there will not be anything quite like your Ana Heart yoga hoodie in terms of design, style and quality of materials. It is genuinely unique in that regard, and sure to quickly become one of your very favourite items of clothing.

Please note: Ana Heart cannot be held responsible for any jealousy that their clothing inspires, nor bitterness, envy, frustration or general outpourings of anger because you look so much better than anyone else. Please bear in mind the effect that wearing an Ana Heart yoga hoodie may have on friends and colleagues. If you feel that your Ana Heart hoodie is likely to break up a friendship, please carefully consider the possible outcomes before wearing it in front of certain people. It may be that you will be required to take the diplomatic approach and remove it in order to keep the peace. We hope it doesn’t come to that.