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Be in tune with the world with our designer jewellery

What do you think of when someone mentions yoga jewellery to you? Is it wooden, beaded bracelets? A colourful, woven anklet? Are Sanskrit words involved? Whatever first come to mind, you’ve probably never envisaged a collection as glamourous as this, that’s designed to be worn to yoga class. If you like to surround yourself with beautiful things to make your days happier, then browse the Ana Heart yoga jewellery range and see what new favourites are waiting for you.

Our favourites are the Love Tuners, which come in great colours such as antique silver, bronze, white and black which compliments the neutral colour palette of the Ana Heart clothing range. The Love Tuner Gem is our most luxurious piece, with the chain decorated by recycled metal beads of every colour. Slip any of the Love Tuners around your neck to give your yoga outfit, or any outfit, a classy touch from our range of yoga jewellery.

Here at Ana Heart our yoga jewellery is made to be more than just beautiful, it is also designed to deepen your practice and heal your body. The flutes on the Love Tuners emit a magical healing tone that resonates throughout the body. Shop the whole range and own something that is more than a pretty trinket. Whatever you decide to buy, you’ll know that you are choosing a good quality piece of yoga jewellery that will look great paired with any outfit.

Give your everyday life the yoga makeover!

Your yoga teacher might often tell you when something practiced in class might be applied in your everyday life. This is often in the form of breathing techniques or muscle awareness that engages your core. There are moments when we are off our yoga mats when these skills are useful, like just before a big meeting, the end of a heavy night out or if you have been sat in the same position for too long. Use your Love Tuner and you’ll soon find yourself calm and balanced wherever you are.

When we were creating our range of yoga jewellery, we wanted to make something that would bring this sense of calm to every aspect of your life, not just to your yoga practice. The timeless designs will go with jeans and a T-shirt, a work outfit or an evening dress so, no matter the situation, you can always have the comforting presence of your yoga jewellery close to you. If you’re settling down to meditate, it’s best to choose yoga clothes with natural fibres, so the Love Tuner can really resonate with complete clarity.

Your Ana Heart necklace would look stunning with all your outfits, from active, to casual, to formal, meaning you can take the balance of yoga wherever you go. Simply give the flute a little blow and you’ll instantly feel relaxed and at peace. Once you have that strength, you can go on to do anything.

Tap into the universe’s positive vibes with 528 Hz!

What might be the most magical thing about our Love Tuners, is that they are so small and simple and yet they can do so much good. When you inhale and exhale through the flute, the necklace will emit a tone of 528 Hz which will resonate throughout the body.

You’ll see and feel the benefits straight away, as this is the love frequency and it will vibrate in every fibre of your being. This frequency, also known as the ‘God’ or ‘Miracle’ frequency, is found in nature and the cosmos and is said to be the most harmonious of tones in the entire universe. When it passes through water, the particles align making geometric shapes and a sense of order is felt. As we are beings that are made up of water, this is sure to bring goodness on a molecular level. Make sure you are comfortably dressed in Ana Heart’s yoga clothes to get the full benefit.

This is not a new concept in yoga practices, which use cymbals, prayer bowls and chanting to create a resonating sound that vibrates to our core. To create the desired 528 Hz, you will find tuning forks and soundtracks that will provide the same healing frequency which can be used in your daily practice. But the only place you can find Love Tuners like this is at Ana Heart. Not only do we make the only range of Love Tuner yoga jewellery, but also the only instrument that connects the love frequency to our breath, the source of all our strength.

A high-quality piece that will last a lifetime

Each of our pieces of jewellery is truly an item that will last you a lifetime as you grow from a burgeoning beginner to a master yogini. You need your mindfulness tools to last throughout your years of learning, grounding you to an immovable constant while your practice evolves. Each piece is made to the highest standards that have become ubiquitous with the Ana Heart brand.

While each piece holds the same great quality, they are not all designed the same. Even among our Love Tuners, each has its own unique details which sets it apart from the rest. Whether it’s the way the little bird motif is etched into the flute pedant, the Love Tuner Black’s cord instead of a chain or the beads on the Love Tuner Gem, we made sure each item in the range was unique in its own way. We don’t much believe in the cookie-cutter method of crafting our products here at Ana Heart and you’ll see this same level of individuality in our yoga jewellery as you would see in the rest of our yoga accessories.

So, when you select your new piece of Ana Heart yoga jewellery, you won’t just be getting a mindfulness tool that will aid your practice. You are getting an example of quality master craftmanship that will rival the most precious pieces in your jewellery box.