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£30 - £100 Ana Heart Phone: +44 203 747 6777

Get it exactly right with an Ana Heart gift card

There’s someone in your life who lives and breathes yoga. They are at the yoga studio a few times a week and practicing at home every day, working hard to be the very best they can be. But if you don’t know what they really want or need from their yoga gear, then the Ana Heart gift cards are here to save you from giving unwanted gifts.

Far from being a last-minute present like so many generic vouchers, gift cards from Ana Heart will show your loved one that you care about their love of yoga and that they deserve quality yoga fashion. They will then be able to use this gift card anywhere in the Ana Heart online store, within the specified price range, and buy the perfect bra, leggings or top. Then they will be able to go to their next class in yoga clothes that they really love, that will match their high performance. Our customers have a habit of returning to us, so you may have to get used to buying an Ana Heart gift card for every birthday, Christmas and anniversary.

With a gift card, there is no more worrying about the right colours or sizes, which are so easy to get wrong when you’re buying clothes for someone else. This gives the yogi in your life the freedom to browse our entire range for themselves and choose the piece that really speaks to them.

There’s several amounts to choose from

Can you put a number on how much you love someone? At Ana Heart we don’t think so. No matter how much you are giving them to spend in the Ana Heart shop, with a gift card you are showing the yogi in your life that they are special enough to have the best possible yoga clothing.

Our gift cards come in four different price categories ranging from £30 to £200, so you can really choose the perfect amount depending on what your yogi wants or needs in their yoga wardrobe.

The £30 card is perfect for anyone who loves our yoga caps, perfect or adding a little Ana Heart touch to any yoga outfit.

The £50 card will suit our littler yoginis. Use the credit to buy something from our kids’ yoga clothing range so your child can enjoy the same quality yoga clothing as her mum, aunt or big sister.

The £100 card will let your favourite yogi buy a few key pieces from across the entire Ana Heart range, possibly making an entire outfit. Maybe the man in your life has his eye on something from the men’s range, so £100 is more than enough to find their new favourite shorts or yoga top.

And if your loved one has their eye on one of our statement pieces or wants to buy a whole new yoga wardrobe, then you’ll need the £200 card. You will be in their good books for life when they get their new clothes in the mail.

Shopping is so easy with a gift card

If you have a gift card ready to be used and you’ve filled your basket with all the great things you deserve, then there is nothing simpler than redeeming it.

The first step is to browse the great collections, adding your new yoga tops, pants or mats into your basket as you would normally. Our Lifestyle Collection and White Boutique are perfect for when you want yoga clothes that are perfect for everyday casual and loungewear. Be sure to check our sizing guides so you get the best fit possible.

When you go to check out your purchases, you will see a box for discount codes off to right side of the screen. There you can enter the unique code on your gift card and the amount will go towards your total. Then it’s just a matter of filling in the rest of your details and your Ana Heart clothes will be with you in no time.

You still have the right to return your items, even if they are bought with a gift card. We know that it won’t be until you see it in person, that you know if your new bra or leggings are the perfect fit for your body. You have 14 days to return any items that don’t meet your high standard and you’ll receive a refund or an exchange in reimbursement.