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Invest in a quality yoga bag today

During your best possible yoga class, you are not thinking about your material possessions or life beyond your yoga mat. You are entirely at one with your breath and your practice, leaving the outside world behind you for this sacred time.

But reality will catch up no matter how focussed you get during your session. Outside of class you have to think of a change of clothes, whether you need a towel, how you are going to fit your things in the Uber and a million other things when you are going to or from the yoga studio. While juggling to fit yoga into your busy schedule, you need a yoga bag that can carry everything you need.

Ana Heart’s yoga bags are made especially for all the yoga essentials, with design features to make your life easier and quality materials. A yoga bag from Ana Heart is also stylish, with carefully crafted details to add flair to this great yoga accessory. The handles and tassels are made from woven strand which give a hand customised look. The mottled print is an inventive way of letting your yoga bag add a pop of colour to any outfit and expresses the Ana Heart mantra, Let’s Yoge.

Even the journeys to and from your classes are an opportunity to show off your own individual style, as an Ana Heart yoga bag brings a sense of fashion to an essential yoga accessory.

This must-have accessory needs to be practical

While an Ana Heart yoga bag is a great fashion addition to your yoga wardrobe, it really earns its place in your fitness regimen with its endless practicality. While you are on your way to yoga class, the world will see a fashion-forward yogini who looks good while she is keeping fit. What they won’t notice, but you’ll get a secret satisfaction from, is that your bag is designed with every practical thing a yogini needs when she heads off to the yoga studio.

The Urban Nomad bag is designed to fit a yoga mat with its long shape and drawstring opening keeping its contents secure. The wide strap sits comfortably on your shoulder and the handle at the base allows you to hold the bag with both hands when removing the mat. There’ll be no more fumbling with a mat tucked under your arm or dropping it because you tried to carry it in a bag that’s not designed for the purpose. You can also say goodbye to creases in your mat if you used to use elasticated straps to carry it. Now your mat can be stowed safely on your back, keeping your hands free to grab a sports drink or hail a taxi.

We also include features in our yoga bags to keep your essential possessions safe while you’re at the yoga studio with an elasticated pocket for a drinks bottle and a zip pocket to keep your smart phone safe.

A stylish sport bag for all your fitness needs

With such a fashionable accessory in your wardrobe, it would be a shame if it only venture outside when you have a yoga class scheduled. With their great quality fabrics and chic design, you’ll soon be using your yoga bag for all of your sport and fitness needs.

Yoga is not the only way of keeping fit that uses mats as part of the practice. If you also do pilates, mobility and stretching or even something intense like CrossFit, you will be able to carry all you need for a training session in any Ana Heart yoga bag that fits a standard yoga mat. There would also be enough room to carry all your kit, so if you’re in need of some new gym clothes, check out the versatile Lifestyle Collection.

Even when you’re not working on your fitness, the Nomad Bag is so trendy that you could use it for almost anything. We’re not saying it is going to replace your usual handbag anytime soon but what better bag is there for carrying a rolled-up picnic blanket to the park? Or holding camping … at a hit festival. Or strapped to your backpack while travelling. It would look great for occasion, and you’ll soon be bringing it out at any opportunity to show off your cool new bag.

Don’t forget to take care of your yoga bag

As with all of your yoga kit, including your yoga gear, clothes and equipment, it’s important to take good care of your Ana Heart yoga bag. Just as you would regularly clean your mat to stay as clean and fresh as possible, cleaning your bag will keep it in top condition so you can stay looking cool.

Ana Heart pieces are a real investment for any yogini and a key addition to any wardrobe. Proper and regular care will ensure that your product, and so your whole ensemble, will stay looking fresh and well put together. We want all women to look, and feel, their very best when they’re on the way to the studio or just out and about!

Your first step to keeping your bag in top condition, is to take a few careful measures when you are using it to prevent stains or damage. Store it hanging up when it’s not in use to maintain its shape.

Ana Heart’s bag is lightweight, durable and 100% cotton. When washing your Ana Heart bag make sure you follow the instructions carefully. Preferably, you should hand wash your bag - using warm water with a little of your usual laundry detergent. If hand washing isn’t an option, or you’re pushed for time, set your machine to a cool, delicate cycle. Do not tumble dry your bags, instead leave it to dry naturally on a clothes’ horse or washing line.