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Choose from a variety of exclusive yoga clothing for the utmost comfort during your workout

Every yogini knows that a multitude of factors go into creating the perfect yoga session, and having the right yoga clothes is one of them. Yoga is much more than just a form of exercise - it’s a practised skill involving strength, flexibility, focus and balance and the right yoga wear will help you perform to the best of your ability. That’s where Ana Heart yoga clothing comes in.

The Ana Heart yoga store is every yogini’s go-to for quality yoga clothes that combine the perfect mix of comfort, support and style. Our collections contain yoga wear any woman could need for the perfect yoga, pilates, gym or fitness session. You’ll find a selection of yoga clothes to suit every shape, size and style, and every type of practice - from yoga pants, yoga leggings, yoga bras and tops, to yoga accessories and even jewellery - it’s all here in our unique yoga wear collections.

Three key elements provide the basis to all of our yoga clothes: simplicity, style and comfort. We are dedicated to making every woman look and feel amazing in their yoga wear. All the clothing in our collections are made using high-tech innovative materials and combine simple, elegant lines with muted colour palettes including carbon, antique silver and nude. This means our pieces provide the perfect wardrobe basics, in a range of sizes, and can be mixed up with other items to make the transition from studio to street. You’ll even find a statement yoga cap - adding the coolest finish to your Ana Heart outfit.

Buy the best yoga clothes at Ana Heart today. Whether you’re looking for yourself, or searching for the perfect gift for the yogini in your life, our collections will inspire you. We offer free delivery on orders over £80 in the UK and free international shipping on orders over the price of €180.

We put a lot of thought into the design and practicality of our yoga wear, so you can concentrate on achieving your goals!

At Ana Heart you’ll find a wide range of yoga clothing. All of the items in our unique clothing collections are inspired by our brand DNA, Urban Peace. Urban Peace is the perfect fusion of two key elements - urban cool and nomadic zen. This is the result of a creative project between Ana Heart’s founders, yoga and fashion enthusiasts Amanda and Rachel.

Browse our extensive range of yoga clothing and you’ll find a world of beautifully cut, perfectly crafted yoga clothes. It’s all in the detail of our clothing - like the beautiful and seductive straps on our Miller yoga bra, the ruched waistband on our Love leggings, the elegant ties on our Breathe ballet wrap top and the mesh fabric band on our Zoe shorts.

Our Lifestyle collection embodies city chic. In pieces like our Cocoon Boho hoodie, Jagger sweatshirt and Marley yoga pants you’ll nail that loungewear look. Team these pieces with our Jackson biker jacket and you can make the perfect transition from yoga studio to street. Or, if you prefer a simpler statement, explore the beautiful White Boutique. This simple and elegant range of loose yoga clothes includes long sleeve yoga tops and perfectly fitting bottoms that create a bold yoga statement with their clean lines and brilliant white colour. Wear these classic pieces at home, to the studio or just out and about - we know you’ll love them.

And it’s not just fashionable yoga clothes that make up our collections - we also offer a diverse selection of accessories and yoga jewellery to complete your outfit, like our ultra-cool love tuners. These pieces aren’t just for show - as well as looking great with your yoga clothing, the flute necklace also acts as a mindfulness and meditation tool that makes a single flute note when blown into to allow the wearer to achieve alignment and peace during practice. The tuner also emits a so-called love frequency of 528 Hz. By emitting this love hz, you’ll feel amazing both inside and out.

Browse our additional yoga accessories to complete your yoga gear collection

Having the right yoga wear isn’t the only essential for a good yogini - it’s also vital to be kitted out with the proper yoga equipment before you head out to the studio. To take your yoga practice to the next level, the first thing you’ll need is the perfect yoga mat.

We believe that the Ana Heart yoga mat is the best one on the market today. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, durable and slip-resistant - especially handy in Bikram yoga classes! During any given yoga session you’ll be moving, sometimes rapidly, between a series of demanding poses. To do so, you’ll need a sturdy mat to balance and centre you. Our mat will help you obtain comfort and maximum stability so that you can achieve your best performance.

Besides good yoga wear, another essential part of any yogini’s equipment is a good yoga bag. You’ll need a good quality bag to carry your yoga mat in, and Ana Heart has just the thing for you. Our colourful print Urban Nomad bag is so stylish you’ll want to take it everywhere! It’s 100% cotton and has a practical pocket to fit a water bottle as well as a zip pocket for a smartphone. As with all of Ana Heart’s pieces, the yoga bag incorporates fashion and functionality - it’s every yogini’s best friend.

Yoga can sometimes be sweaty business, especially in more active classes like Vinyasa flow, hot yoga or more advanced levels of yoga classes like Ashtanga. Moving from a series of Warrior poses to standing balances and core work on the mat can be hard work and requires ultimate focus and continuous core strength. Always make sure you carry a bottle of water to class with you and take small sips when necessary. And don’t forget Ana Heart’s yoga cap that can be worn after class to stay cool!

Our philosophy, mission and how we can add value to your practice and inspire!

Mantras are part and parcel of all meditative practice. Although it isn’t a necessary part of a yoga session, chanting or speaking mantras or “affirmations” can help to aid concentration and focus the mind before, during or after practice. Some people also like to set an intention for their yoga class or personal practice. Throughout the session, between a series of active and restorative poses, yogis may then come back to this intention and reflect on it.

Ana Heart’s very own mantra is “Let’s Yoge”, which you’ll notice all over our website and printed on some of our yoga tops and other items. But what’s the meaning of let’s yoge? In part it tells the story of how the founders of Ana Heart, Amanda and Rachel, first met. Rachel was teaching yoga to a group of French students in London, among them Amanda. Amanda’s passion for yoga burst into a spontaneous cry, “Let’s yoge!” as she began her practice. The phrase stuck and has since become the brand’s official tagline - it stands for joy, determination and a general passion for life!

The Ana Heart brand is about so much more than just selling yoga clothes for women. On our website you’ll find a blog and an Events page where you can keep up to date with all the latest tips, tales and activities from the yoga world. It’s our mission to bring yogis and yoginis together, both spiritually and physically, through our passion for both yoga and fashion. We want to make women feel good in their own skin wherever they are, whether that’s practising yoga at home, in the studio or just out and about. And that means more than just having a supportive pair of yoga leggings, standout yoga bras or beautiful yoga accessories - it’s about nurturing inner-confidence. When a woman feels good on the inside, she’ll shine on the outside. Explore Ana Heart today - and don’t forget you can also view us on Instagram. Let’s yoge!