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Yoga bras

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Yoga bras made especially with you in mind

Before stepping onto their yoga mat, all yoginis make sure they can engage in their series of positions and poses, while being completely unimpeded by wearing the best clothes for the task. Where this all starts, are great yoga bras that will make sure the bust is supported and comfortable. Ana Heart is bound to give you the perfect fit from their range of yoga bras that will suit your unique yoga practice and your own particular sense of style.

Like all of Ana Heart’s clothing, the yoga bras are also fashionable enough to be worn outside of the yoga studio, whether you want something versatile you can wear between classes or are looking for an everyday bra that’s a little different. The mesh detailing of the Ivy bra gives the look of glamorous lingerie and we promise not to tell anyone if you decide to wear yoga bras under your best clothes on special occasions where you want to be extra comfortable. Throw on an Ana Heart love tuner necklace to finish your stylish look from day to night.

And, of course, with yoga bras as comfortable as these, they are perfect for loungewear, for when you want to relax in something that will support you without you even noticing. The Blake bra, with its wrap-around triangle cups and adjustable straps are perfect for whiling away those weekends that last forever with a cup of tea and a good book.

Full-support bras for the modern yogini

It is simply a fact we must accept being a woman who takes part in an active lifestyle: our busts tend to get in the way, whether we are pounding our way through an intensive bootcamp or taking part in the most relaxing Hatha yoga session. We’ve all found out the hard way that the cheap sports bra we’re wearing is letting gravity get away with far too much and we suffer for it later on.

No-one can expect any yogini to practice her best yoga without her bust fully supported by great yoga bra. All of Ana Heart’s yoga bras come with a strong elastic underband to give support without the need for restrictive underwiring and to give the cups the best base possible. The cups themselves are soft and give full coverage, perfect for keeping everything in its place when you try those tricky inverted poses.

Once you have your supportive underband and soft cups to keep your bust under control, you need strong straps to keep them held up. Many of the bras feature wide, elasticated straps which allow for comfort and ease of movement, while their sturdy nature keeps the bra well fitted to your body. At Ana Heart, we know the racer- or cross-back styles are not just aesthetically pleasing but are a structural deign choice to help pull the cups tighter to your body, preventing movement on impact.

Why not team up your supportive new bra with equally supportive leggings with high double-waistbands and maxi stretch material?

Ana Heart has the best sports bras

With such great style and support, you could hardly expect any yogini to keep her best Ana Heart bras just for yoga. Our yoga bras can be worn as part of an active lifestyle, on and off the yoga mat.

All of Ana Hearts yoga bras are have no underwiring, allowing for ease of movement without any restriction or pinching putting you off your stride. Any activity that requires a wide range of movement will be enhanced and supported by one of our bras as they take you from yoga class to your afternoon jog to a busy weekend running errands. Each movement will be fluid and seamless and it will feel like you are not wearing a bra at all.

Our bras’ materials are also specially crafted to help your body and skin breathe through the perspiration of the most challenging workouts. With high-tech fabrics such as Supplex, polyimide and elastane, you can be sure that the bra will persevere through each stretch and leap, keeping the skin cool and dry. If you are into spinning, weight-training or dance, these bras would give you support as well as comfort during all types of exercise.

For the most intense exercise, we suggest the Easy sports bra which is more structured and cut with seams to support your natural curves and shape. The wide, soft straps cross behind the shoulders to lift the bust closer to the chest and provide medium support during workouts that set your heart racing.

Bra styles to suit every yogini’s style and practice

Ana Heart wouldn’t design a whole range of supportive, well-made yoga bras without skimping on the style! We believe that it is entirely possible to create a bra that will hold you through the most intense workout and still look amazing as you stretch and sweat. From Mansfield, our minimal crop top, to Gigi, our boldest print, there is something in our yoga bras range that will ring true with the fashionista inside us all.

Each bra is unique in its design, as we find an infinitesimal number of ways to create patterns and silhouettes with straps across the back and shoulders. There’s the skinny double straps that criss-cross the back in our Miller bra and the wide, white straps of the Not Easy piece spell out ‘I Love You’ in different languages. Every day you take a new Ana Heart bra from your wardrobe, you will be creating a whole new way of drawing the eye over your body.

The bras also look great with other key pieces from the whole of the Ana Heart range. Pair your new bra with matching leggings or mix it up with sweatpants from the Lifestyle Range. The bras look great on their own or under one of our oversized tops, with one chic strap peeking from your shoulder.

Whichever item you choose, and however you choose to wear it, buying a bra from Ana Heart will guarantee that you will look fabulous as you prepare from your next yoga session.