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Discover our online yoga shop with a wide range of luxurious yoga clothing

As every good yogini knows, looking - and feeling - your best in the yoga studio can make all the difference to your practice. Yoga requires a skilled combination of strength, flexibility, balance and focus - and the more comfortable you feel in your yoga wear, the stronger and more confident you’ll be in class. At Ana Heart’s yoga shop you’ll find everything you need to create the perfect outfit for your practice. Our collections are designed by women for women. We understand the importance of feeling both comfortable and beautiful in class, which is why all of our pieces are made using innovative technical materials and combine maximum comfort with timeless femininity and grace.

Ana Heart’s boutique online yoga store offers a wide range of all the yoga essentials you could need that can be worn both in and out of the yoga or pilates studio. Our super supportive and stylish yoga bras provide maximum comfort. Our bottoms are designed to move with your body in every pose. Lightweight and quick-drying, they’re available in a range of styles, from yoga pants to leggings to shorts, and we guarantee they’ll flatter every shape and keep you cool - even through a Bikram yoga class!

But it doesn’t end at yoga wear - you’ll also find a unique range of yoga equipment at our yoga shop including our empowering yoga mats and bag, as well as a range of exceptionally stylish yoga accessories and jewellery like the Ana Heart cap and the elegant love tuner necklaces that will add that perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

Browse our yoga store today and discover the White Boutique and Lifestyle Collection - a highlight of our yoga shop, the pieces in these collections are full of beautifully made, simple and elegant wardrobe essentials that can be worn anywhere, not just to yoga. Whether it’s for you, or you’re looking for gifts for the yogini in your life, come and explore our yoga shop today - let’s yoge!

Our brand & yoga store mission is to get the best out of life through yoga practice and philosophy

Ana Heart is so much more than just an online yoga store - it’s a philosophy for life! The Ana Heart brand was born out of a true passion for yoga and fashion, coupled with a desire to help women feel comfortable in their own skin and achieve harmony and balance in today’s increasingly hectic pace of life. Ana Heart founders Amanda (an interior designer) and Rachel (a yoga teacher and holistic coach) came together to create an active wear brand that was the perfect fusion of urban chic and zen. The result? The brand DNA, “Urban Peace”.

Taking inspiration directly from the ancient art of yoga, the pieces embody comfort, quality and purity. The extensive collection of active wear in our yoga store contains yoga clothes, yoga accessories and even jewellery to suit every woman and every type of yoga practice. Each item is unique and designed to sculpt and move with the body. At Ana Heart’s yoga store, women will find the perfect mix of fashion and functionality - beautiful pieces that will help you make the transition from the studio to the street, effortlessly.

Beyond the wardrobe, our brand aims to adapt the ancient teachings of yoga and meditation for the modern woman. Along with the beautiful collections in our yoga shop (where you can also find the perfect gifts for the yogini in your life), discover our regularly updated blog, bringing you news, tips and stories from the yoga world. Whether you’re a new yogini or looking to expand your proficiency, let us introduce you to the many different types of yoga (Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini and Restorative to name a few), so that you can choose exercises and poses to suit your needs and find out about the endless health benefits of yoga. Our Meditation Room will inspire you on your yoga journey and our Instagram and Soundcloud pages let you delve into a world of inspirational yogic images and sounds. Discover Ana Heart - where yoga meets fashion.

Healthy Body, healthy spirit! Advice on health, nutrition and much more in our blog.

The health benefits of yoga are endless - and we want to share them with you! Through our boutique yoga shop, Events page, blog and social media, Ana Heart is committed to sharing the life changing health benefits of yoga with women everywhere, both aspiring or practised yoginis. The ancient practice of yoga originated in Northern India over 5,000 years ago and has since developed into many different forms and factions. Much more than just a simple form of exercise, yoga is an umbrella term encapsulating religion, philosophy, meditation and physical practice. Modern day yoga is based on five principles: proper relaxation, proper exercise, proper breathing, proper diet and positive thinking and meditation. In terms of the purely physical practice, the health benefits of yoga include: improving flexibility, building muscle strength, perfecting posture, protecting the spine and boosting immunity.

But it’s not just about physical wellbeing - yoga also has numerous positive effects on our mental health including reducing stress, alleviating anxiety and boosting mental focus to name just a few. As we all know, everything comes back to the mind - our thoughts create our reality, which means that the more balanced and focussed we stay, the calmer our mind will be and the less stressed we’ll feel overall. Daily or weekly yoga exercise habit and meditation can help us to achieve this.

Ana Heart is dedicated to helping women find inner-peace and a way to stay cool and balanced in the face of ever-more hectic lifestyles. From finding the right yoga equipment at our yoga shop (like sturdy yoga mats to exercise on, or the perfect yoga wear) to learning about yogic teaching in our blog, yoginis everywhere will adore the Ana Heart brand.

Get out and about! Explore our events section and find something of interest!

At Ana Heart we live and breathe yoga and our website reflects this. Besides our yoga shop, full of beautiful lines of active wear suitable for every type of yoga practice and every yogini, and the blog, packed with yoga tips and tales, we have a dedicated Events section that is sure to delight our fans. Ana Heart is committed to bringing you news from the yoga world and sharing our ideas and inspiration. We believe that by doing this, we are slowly but surely spreading the spirit of yoga and bringing the yoga community a step closer together. When you browse our Events page you’ll find a host of exciting yoga-related events, activities and projects.

We like to spoil our followers and on the Events page you’ll find a range of offers and promotions where you can win Ana Heart products from our unique range of collections. The page will also keep you up to date on who we’re collaborating with in the world of fashion and yoga and what you can expect to find in our upcoming lines. Discover our exciting Cruise Collection - an Ana Heart collaboration that will delight yoginis and travel junkies alike! We teamed up with the fabulous Six Senses (a chain of luxury hotels, resorts and spas across exotic locations) to create a limited edition line of beautifully cut pieces, perfect for your holiday. As always, yoga and fashion were the inspiration for the collection - you’ll find pieces that are at once luxurious and feminine, functional and fashion-forward.

We know you’ll love our monthly themes like White January, inspired by purity, fresh starts, detoxing and health. We believe that white is the colour that calms the soul and soothes the mind and spirit. Visit our Meditation Room, where you’ll discover a world of tranquillity and harmony in our White Boutique. This collection in our yoga shop is the embodiment of purity - clean cut lines are mixed with soft, flowing fabrics and elegant finishes.