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Ana Heart -
58 Kinnerton Street - London SW1X 8ES, UK -
Ana Heart Phone: +44 207 235 3647

We like yoga for the self-awareness, the inner calm and the benefits we get from it.
The aim of our yoga boutique is to create exceptional clothes that make women feel great while they practice their yoga.
Our large collection of yoga clothes contains items to suit every woman. From hot yoga and vinyasa flow to bikram and meditation, you will find your inner-core through this adapted clothing line.
Our yoga collection isn’t limited to the studio - it can be worn all day long, both before and after your yoga sessions. Each of our pieces is unique, combining three key elements: comfort, quality and purity.
From the cut of our pieces, to their beautiful detail, not to mention the unique materials we use, perfectly adapted to your workout, each of our creations is made with the utmost care. Our yoga pieces provide your perfect wardrobe basics, which will go perfectly with all your key pieces.
Ana Heart - where yoga meets fashion.