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Your Perfect Yogawear

We like yoga for the self-awareness, the inner calm and the benefits we get from it.
The aim of our yoga boutique is to create exceptional clothes that make women feel great while they practice their yoga.
Our large collection of yoga clothes contains items to suit every woman. From hot yoga and vinyasa flow to bikram and meditation, you will find your inner-core through this adapted clothing line.
Our yoga collection isn’t limited to the studio - it can be worn all day long, both before and after your yoga sessions. Each of our pieces is unique, combining three key elements: comfort, quality and purity.
From the cut of our pieces, to their beautiful detail, not to mention the unique materials we use, perfectly adapted to your workout, each of our creations is made with the utmost care. Our yoga pieces provide your perfect wardrobe basics, which will go perfectly with all your key pieces.
Ana Heart - where yoga meets fashion.

About The Brand

At Ana Heart yoga is more than just a sport - it represents self awareness, inner calm and a positive mindset. It’s a discipline that allows us to find peace, stillness and a connection to our bodies. In today’s hectic world yoga enables balance when you need it most.
Drawing from the ancient art of yoga whilst inspired to create a brand that makes women look gorgeous in their active wear, founders Amanda and Rachel mixed their love for chic Parisian style with sensual beauty and aesthetics, resulting in the ultimate collection of stylish and practical yoga wear for the modern yogini.

The aim of our boutique is to create exceptional clothes that make all women feel amazing whilst developing their yoga practice.
Designed with three key elements in mind our clothes combine comfort, quality and purity. Each piece is unique and we use only the highest quality materials within our collection. Designed to sculpt and move with the body, our clothes offer maximum support, so all you need to focus on is your workout.
Our large collection of yoga wear contains clothes and accessories to suit every woman and every practice - be it hot yoga, pilates, vinyasa flow, bikram yoga or gentle meditation, you’ll find your inner-core through our adapted and versatile clothing range.
A stylish active wardrobe encourages and motivates even on those down days, so prepare yourself with our range of functional and fashionable yoga wear.
Created to not only be worn in the studio, our yoga clothes provide your perfect wardrobe basics, which will match perfectly with all your key pieces and style staples. Ana Heart - where yoga meets fashion.


Ana Heart’s urban chic yoga wear is designed to be versatile, functional and fashionable featuring neutral hues and graphic prints. Whether your prefer to practice in a studio or opt for a spot of alfresco yoga, we believe you should be unrestricted by your yoga wardrobe so our clothes can be worn anywhere from the studio to the streets. With pieces in the collection to suit every woman, Ana Heart allows you to build a capsule wardrobe of everyday essential yoga clothes.

Feel fantastic during your exercise in one of our supportive sports bras and our super-stretch leggings; the breathable and flexible fabric enables an easy flow from lotus to downward dog to child pose and everything else in between. It doesn’t stop there, after you’ve completed your yoga session layer up for an active day ahead with our collection of lightweight t-shirts, pants, hoodies and jackets. We love combining the black leggings with a simple t-shirt in a nude or carbon colour.
Designed as functional fashion with comfortability and quality in mind, our clothes will support your every active endeavour from the kid’s school run to the weekly shop. However, we know every woman needs some downtime once in a while so our clothes are just as comfortable worn as lounge wear, for a relaxing evening or weekend. Shh! We won't tell if you don’t.
Our yoga shop offers a collection of contemporary yoga wear, accessories and jewellery. From leggings to bags and yoga mats, you’ll find everything you need for the perfect yoga session. Each piece looks beautiful and feels incredibly comfortable - the perfect combination for any yogini.
Better still, you’ll receive our stylish Booboo bag as a gift when you purchase your first order - what’s not to love?
Shop now to select your perfect collection of yoga clothes and accessories and you’ll soon be ready to reach your inner shavasana.


Some say that an artist is only as good as his tools and we believe the same can be said for yoga and exercise. Every woman needs the best equipment to support an active lifestyle and with the right accessories you can take your yoga practice to the next level.

Ana Heart’s range of yoga accessories contains all you need for an excellent yoga session. You’ll find everything from slip-resistant yoga mats to a practical yet stylish yoga bag (perfect for carrying your yoga mat), or beautiful fashion accessories like our cap and jewellery. Every garment and accessory we create expresses its uniqueness and reflects the spirit of our brand. We have everything for every woman - if you’ve just started out or are a practised yogini, you’ll find exactly what you need in our collection.

Whether you practice yoga at your local yoga class, or mediate at home, a good quality, non-slip yoga mat is an essential item for every aspiring yogini - designed from experience and years of yoga expertise, our mat is exactly what you need to perfect your postures. It is lightweight and easy to carry, durable and slip-resistant. It provides comfort with maximum stability and will help you to achieve your best performance.

Once you invest in a high performance yoga mat, you’ll need a bag to carry it in. Our yoga bag mixes practicality with style. It is big enough for your yoga mat yet stylish enough for your shoulder. The graphic print mixed with the whimsical “Let’s yoge’ slogan makes for a true style statement.

Our jewellery is more than just an attractive accessory, it was made with spirituality and yoga in mind. Available in a range of different colours, our Love Tuner necklace is a mindfulness tool that makes a soothing single flute tone for alignment and the optimum Om. We like to wear ours as an amulet for good health. Combine it as an edgy accessory with your daily wardrobe or simply wear it on your way to your local yoga class.

Protect your hair in the unpredictable English weather with our ‘Pray For Yoga’ cap. Not only functional - it’s adjustable and lightweight - the statement slogan ensures heads will turn to notice your fashion statement. Wear it to complete your workout outfit and be the envy of everyone in your workout class.
Our equipment range covers the fundamentals of yoga accessories. Created with safety, style and supreme performance in mind, shop the collection now to equip yourself for your best yoga session.