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Here’s why you should invest in a great yoga mat.

Yoga mats, before tops, bras and leggings, are the first thing any yogi thinks about before taking up the practice for the first time. But before you grab the first yoga mat you see there are a few things to consider.

The surface we practice on is the starting point for the best practice and a poor base makes the best yoga clothes obsolete. While your practice is personal and you’ll discover what your body needs for yourself, many yoga experts recommend a slip-resistant yoga mat with a little cushioning to maintain balance and protect your joints.

The yoga mat also defines the space that we take up when we start a session. While we’re not saying you should never let a limb stray from the mat when you are practicing, having a space that becomes the centre of your session is helpful in grounding ourselves and keeping you aware of what keeps your core engaged. The length is a great guide for stretched positions and the four corners perfect for mirroring the position of your hands and feet. In a busy class, this is invaluable in marking out a yoga space all for yourself that no-one else can enter.

We kept all of this in mind when we created the Empowering yoga mat and aimed to make something that any yogi would love to use. The unparalleled quality and chic design make this essential piece of kit truly exceptional.

Great quality is the first priority for yoga mats.

Our yoga mat rivals the best quality products on the market. We are so proud of it, we put the classic Ana Heart paintbrush stroke that you find on our clothes at the top of every single one.

We know that Ana Heart yogis are serious about their practice, but whether you do yoga every day or it’s just for the weekend, you need a mat that will last through any session. Our mats are durable and made for the most intense sessions in mind. Lower quality mats will wear away after you ground your heel for a warrior pose a few times, leaving unsightly bald patches, but with Ana Heart your yoga mat will stay with you for years.

When we chose our yoga mat materials, we selected a latex-free substance so that everyone can enjoy it without worrying about their allergies. We also wanted to avoid that sticky feeling that so many cheaper non-slip mats have, so we chose a high-quality material that is soft to the touch but will also give you the same level of stability.

A cushioned base is essential for preventing injuries that put too much pressure on your joints but having a mat that’s too deep can also do harm. While the Ana Heart mat is soft and comfortable, it is 5mm thick. It’s the perfect thickness to give a cushion from the hard floor but will not let you sink too deep when you are in tricky standing poses and topple you off your balance.

A yoga mat as versatile as yoga itself

Having a different exercise mat for yoga, pilates and aerobics doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, does it? You may see mats out there that are marketed as being made specifically for a particular exercise, but most of the time all you need is stable base to work out on. The Empowering mat will support you through a range of disciplines that keep you in the best shape.

If your fitness routine involves a lot of sweating, then you’ll be glad to know the durability of an Ana Heart yoga mat will withstand high-impact exercises and the easy-clean material will keep it hygienic between workouts. The non-slip feature will prevent falls and injuries, a relief to anyone who keeps it fast and powerful.

But then, if you have a calm and meditative practice, the soft cushioning of the mat will provide a comfortable place to sit or lie down. It will also keep an insulating barrier between our bodies and the floor, so the warmth is not sapped from our muscles which can lead to stiffness and cramp.

Whatever you use your Ana Heart yoga mat for, the lightweight design will mean transporting it from home to class will be effortless, as it will roll up and tuck into one of our Ana Heart yoga bags. All this rolling of this mat will have no effect on its integrity and it will maintain its shape through thick and thin.

Maintenance is simple when it’s so easy to clean

We all sweat, especially during hot yoga sessions where the temperature reaches as high as 40 degrees centigrade. Sweating means we know we’re working hard to keep ourselves in the best possible shape and getting the most out of our practice. Take a glance at our great range of yoga tops to keep you cool during those sweaty workouts.

For our yoga mat, sweat can pose a hygiene problem if you go too long without cleaning it. Unlike our workout clothes, we can’t throw it in the washing machine whenever it’s convenient, so it is an oft-neglected piece of yoga kit.

It isn’t difficult to keep clean though, spraying it with fresh water and wiping it down with a damp hot towel is enough to maintain your mat between yoga sessions. If you like, you can add a few drops of essential oils to your water to keep it smelling great. Try lavender for relaxation, peppermint for vitality or rosemary for concentration but you could choose anything that takes your fancy.

For a deeper clean, we suggest using a teaspoon baking soda in your water spray or even adding a little more in a bath soak with essential oils. It is a gentle cleanser that will get sweat and dirt out of your mat without damaging the material. Give it a good rinse, hang it out to dry naturally and it’s ready for your next class!