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Yoga pants

  • Moss
    Ballet leggings
    £ 80 GBP
  • Moon
    Cropped leggings
    £ 80 GBP
  • Radar
    Fitted sweatpants
    £ 95 GBP
  • Jogger
    Windbreaker tracksuits
    £ 105 GBP
  • Amour
    Dreamer leggings
    £ 55 GBP
  • Mudras
    Serene leggings
    £ 43 GBP
  • Romy
    £ 75 GBP
  • What else
    Track suit trouser
    £ 68 GBP
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Yoga pants that are up to the task

Look in any yogini’s wardrobe and you will see a large yoga pants collection consisting of leggings, shorts and sweatpants, and she will insist on telling you that she still doesn’t have enough. With the yoga pants craze sweeping Instagram and the rest if the internet, the market has been flooded with items of every cut, colour and style. Some of these pants will not live up to your high standards, opting to omit substance over style.

At Ana Heart, we know that your yoga pants do not define your yoga practice, but we know it’s important that you wear something comfortable that can endure every stretch and pose you attempt. That’s why we carefully design each of our yoga pants to the highest quality, so you will never be let down in the middle of a session ever again.

We can also assure that your yoga pants will look good as well as do good, with the classic Ana Heart style that consists of clean lines, minimalist details and chic colours. Each pair of leggings comes with the recognisable Ana Heart paintbrush stroke across the back of the left ankle. In keeping with the whole of the Ana Heart clothing range, you will find our yoga pants as stylish and superior as or T-shirts, bras and accessories, with your new purchase completing a wardrobe that focuses on quality as well as beauty.

Browse a wide range of yoga leggings to suit your style

Ana Heart’s yoga leggings will always have something in common. A timeless style, high quality materials and a design that supports you through your workout are features that are present in all of our yoga pants. But we know there is the most beauty in our differences.

We pride ourselves in the details that set our leggings apart from each other, making every one a unique piece. Sometimes it will be the print that makes a difference, like with our Brooklyn and Etoile pieces. The fabric of Brooklyn plays with colour and movement with a blue print which looks like a painter has cleaned her brush on a snow-white cloth and Etoile employs a more delicate approach with each motif rendered in dots across the dark material. Both come with matching yoga bras, Gigi and Galaxy respectively.

Other details in the design are sure to inspire you as browse. The Moss leggings have laces at the ankles that you can tie so you can look like a ballerina as you point your toes in the air while in your favourite inverted position. The waistband of the Love leggings features wraparound straps, perfect for flattering your stomach on your more bloated days. Be inspired with the Mantra leggings which has positive affirmations printed down the calf of the right leg.

Whichever of our unique designs you like the most, you are sure to be the chicest yogini at your next yoga class with Ana Heart.

Shop a trendy, new look and start rocking sport chic today

Yoga pants that look and feel this good should not be confined to just your yoga classes. The high quality of each garment and the high fashion style means that they can be worn for other sports and in everyday life.

With hardwearing materials that hold and stretch as you move, Ana Heart’s leggings will withstand every form of exercise, from relaxing tai chi to sweat-inducing calisthenics. The elasticity means that any activity where you need to move with the greatest range of movement, such as dance and gymnastics. The comfort means that aerobic exercise is a breeze, so slip them on next time you go for a jog or have a spin class.

You may have noticed that sportswear is becoming a trend that has escaped the confines of the gym and playing field and has hit every town and city in the country. With the versatility of the Ana Heart range of yoga pants, you can be up-to-the-minute with this trend and debut your new look on the streets. For the hottest street look, try our Amour leggings with printed bands saying ‘I Love You’ in different languages down the legs. And you won’t have to worry about this new trend leaving you trussed up, pinched and sore like you would in heels or skinny jeans, all Ana Heart clothes are made with total comfort in mind. Complete your sport chic outfit with an Ana Heart yoga cap, for those endless, sunny days.

Ana Heart values quality above all else

When you invest in an in an Ana Heart garment, you are getting the assurance of quality and durability that you deserve. We make our items to endure and support you through all of your workouts, so you can fold yourself into a crow pose knowing your yoga pants have got you covered.

All of our clothing is made from the best materials, especially selected for the piece’s purpose and function. Our leggings are made with high-tech fabrics, like Supplex, that will stretch and bend with every movement and keep you dry as you get your sweat on. And the material is of a standard that means they won’t turn out to be see-through when you pull them on, that is, unless we want them to be. The Kravitz leggings and Zoe shorts have a mesh panel down the outer leg that gives a sexy hint of skin. Team your pants with the natural fibres of one of our tops and you will have the perfect combination for a breathable yoga outfit.

With the yoga pants market flooded with low standard garments, which disintegrate while deepening your happy baby stretch, the fraying elastic the first indication before they go, Ana Heart are a welcome guarantee of quality. They are designed so every stitch and seam with hold against the most extreme poses. With careful washing in cool water and gentle detergent, your new Ana Heart leggings will last you through countless yoga classes as you improve your own practice.