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Mens Yoga Clothing

  • Calm Down
    Long sleeve T-shirt
    £ 60 GBP
  • Speak Easy
    £ 80 GBP
  • Secret Garden
    £ 140 GBP
  • Venice
    £ 30 GBP
  • Six Senses Spas Six Senses Spas Six Senses Spas
    Long sleeve T-shirt
    £ 55 GBP
  • Six Senses Spas Six Senses Spas
    Raglan T-shirt
    £ 46 GBP
  • Six Senses Spas
    Infinity 2
    Raglan T-shirt
    £ 48 GBP
  • Six Senses Spas Six Senses Spas
    £ 126 GBP
  • Six Senses Spas Six Senses Spas
    £ 73 GBP
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202 (1st floor) Fulham Road - London SW10 9PJ, UK -
£30 - £100 Ana Heart Phone: +44 203 747 6777

Men’s yoga clothing

Now every man can look as good as his favourite yogini with this new line of quality yoga clothes for men from Ana Heart. The new collection has finally arrived and is already bringing perfection to men’s yoga sessions. Our yoga clothes for men are comfortable and chic in muted, calm colours, perfect for the balance of fitness and meditation in every yogi’s life.

Every yogi knows that, in order to get the best from their yoga sessions, they need to be dedicated, open-minded and comfortable. Great men’s yoga clothing should make you feel good from within and help you focus on these tenets of yoga without restricting or distracting. With our men’s yoga clothing the quality and comfort will put you on the right track to being completely at one with your yoga practice and do so much good without you even realising it! The natural fibres and quality material will assure you that you have the best possible men’s yoga clothing that will hold up for during every pose and every stretch.

So, if you’re obsessed with men’s yoga clothing, or just happen to know a someone who is, then Ana Heart is now the number one destination for all our male friends who take to the mat. This long-awaited collection is sure to excite our male friends who see us become the best yoginis while wearing our Ana Heart leggings and crop tops. The minimal and sleek designs are sure to suit every man and keep him in perfect comfort while he prepares for the next pose.

Men’s quality clothing

Ana Heart men’s yoga clothing are made from only the best materials for perfect comfort and ease of movement. Everything is made to the highest possible standards, promising strength and durability for even the most intense workouts. Every man wearing Ana Heart as part of his active lifestyle is assured that his clothes are up for the task.

When it comes to choosing our fabrics, only the best natural materials are good enough for our male yoga friends. The Karma yoga shorts and Warrior hoodie are both 100% cotton, keeping that feeling of softness close to the skin for every workout. The fleece in the hoodie warms as you are cooling down and brings comfort to the waistband of the shorts. The lyocell and cotton t-shirts are also perfect for an active lifestyle as this mix of natural fibres make for the softest, strongest items which resist wrinkling. With these natural fabrics, your skin can breathe which means you will never be too hot or too cold and sweat is easily absorbed.

Sized comfortably from 1-4, men of every build can wear and enjoy this great new range knowing they are getting style and quality men’s yoga clothing. Everything comes in regular to loose fit that is cut a little roomy so no yoga session will be interrupted by restrictive clothes ever again. The yoga shorts are knee-length for the best ease of movement and reducing restrictions.

Unique items

Our brothers in yoga are sure to find everything they need, for the perfect yoga session, from their heads to their toes. They can browse a great selection of yoga t-shirts in chic, minimal colours such as indigo, oatmeal and ice blue. A key t-shirt would be Infinity 2 with its faded effect print promoting Ana Heart’s chief yogic principles, ‘Pray For Yoga’ and ‘Let Love Rule’. For those slower, casual workouts, every yogi can keep their body warm with the Warrior hoodie that comes in black and indigo. Greatest freedom of movement is a given with the Karma shorts in black and indigo, cut loose to the knee and perfect for every impromptu yoga session.

Connecting with your female yoga partner has never been easier. You don’t even need to find the words, as the classic Ana Heart motif adorns the shoulder of every yoga t-shirt in the range. This little accent, the classic, single brushstroke, connects all Ana Heart lovers and so must be included in the new men’s range.

And of course, yoga style would be nothing without including key yoga accessories. The Empowering yoga mat in classic black would go with any outfit from the men’s collection. While you’re checking out the accessories, you may notice the love tuners which come in a range of metallic colours. A perfect gift for the special yogini in your life.

Street Chic

Friends of our Ana Heart yoginis may have become a little jealous of how good they look when they’re not even working out. The easy style of the Let’s Yoge fashion is enviable in its chicness outside of yoga class.

If you’re taking an outdoor class or simply on your way home from the studio, looking good will never be a worry when out and about wearing Ana Heart’s men’s yoga clothing! Each item is designed to keep you looking chic as well as comfortable and made to be worn everywhere, seamlessly transitioning between active and casual wear.

Remember our yoga clothes for men are not just for yoga! With the breathable fabrics and durability, any item from this collection would suit any active activity from aerobics to zorbing! The Karma shorts are a perfect length for football and other team sports, the Warrior hoodie would look perfect on a half-pipe and the yoga t-shirts are perfect for any situation, active or relaxing.

With such incredible design, this range of men’s yoga clothing double up as the perfect weekend-wear. So it doesn’t matter if you didn’t make it to yoga, you’ll still look amazing grabbing brunch to go or visiting the park. With this kind of versatility, bringing the yoga mindset into every part of your life couldn’t be easier as you step off your mat and into the big, wide world. Looking stylish does not make a great yogi but feeling good and true to yourself is a step in the right direction.