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Yoga Accessories

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Nothing completes you like our yoga accessories

Ana Heart’s range of yoga accessories are designed to both look good and do good as they help you deepen your own personal practice. Browse this great selection, knowing that any of these yoga accessories will set off your favourite Ana Heart leggings and bras. No-one is as committed to creating yoga accessories with the same quality and style as we are, so the chicest of yogis are Ana Heart yogis.

No yogi is without a yoga mat, the most essential of all the yoga accessories. Ana Heart presents the Empowering yoga mat, so your sessions are off to the best possible start with its non-slip surface and cushioned material. The great quality means it will last for years and will provide the essential support as you master more advanced poses.

Even though it is lightweight, there’s no need to carry your yoga mat around under your arm, always in danger of it unfurling at the worst possible moment. What you need is a great bag made especially with yoga mats in mind. The Urban Nomad bag is the pride of all Ana Heart yoga accessories as it not only fits a standard yoga mat but has safe pockets for your smartphone and a water bottle. You’ll never leave for yoga with your arms full again as this bag can carry all the essentials.

Our unique accessories will show off your individuality

You won’t find yoga accessories like these anywhere else, so be sure to shop with Ana Heart for unrivalled quality and elegance. When you buy one of our pieces, you know you’ll be getting something as individual as you are. Whether you need something useful and durable or stylish and sophisticated, the Ana Heart yoga accessories will have something to reflect your own unique yogi style.

Our Love Tuner necklaces come in a number of styles, so they can reflect who you are, inside and out. Choose a colour, black, white, silver or bronze to go with your favourite outfits and you are ready to adorn yourself with the hottest yoga jewellery out there. Our most luxurious piece is the gem Love Tuner necklace which is finished with recycled metal beads in every colour. These necklaces would be the perfect present, along with one of Ana Heart’s gift cards, to give to the special yogi in your life.

Few necklaces that look this good also have an important function, as the small flute pendants emit a tone of 528 Hz when blown, the so-called love frequency. This tone is said to resonate with us on a molecular level to promote healing, perfect for your next meditation session. Just like the Lifestyle Collection, the necklaces can transition from yoga to everyday wear in an instant, so you can head on out for drinks straight after class.

Yoga fashion accessories from the catwalk to the studio

So, you have your favourite Ana Heart bra, top and leggings combination making up your new outfit, so how about some yoga accessories to complete the look. The caps, necklaces and bags go with any of our pieces in our clothing collections and are sure to make a statement, on or off your mat. Good yoga accessories will tie the whole ensemble together, so the eye is drawn to stand-out pieces rather than roving over the entire outfit. It is certain that there will be no doubt who the most fashionable yogi is.

A cap is a great way to quickly add a little extra something as you can slip it on as you leave the house on your way to yoga. With great designs for men and women, you can express your love for yoga, even when you’re not at class. Any sunny day is an opportunity to show the world the Let’s Yoge mantra with Ana Heart’s yoga caps.

When you make your first ever order with Ana Heart, selecting the best yoga clothes you can buy, you will receive our Booboo bag as a free gift. It is perfect for taking to the yoga studio, as you can throw in a change of clothes, a gym towel and your shoes with enough room for your keys and a snack. Its style and versatility means that it doesn’t have to be a yoga bag, you can use it as an overnight bag, take it to the beach or it can be your usual handbag. Not bad for a free gift.