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Ana Heart is stepping out with the Lifestyle Collection

When we started putting together our Lifestyle Collection, we asked ourselves what our yoginis need from their clothes in the real world, away from their yoga practice. All of you would still need the comfort, quality and support that you would find in the rest of the Ana Heart collection, so we looked to what new designs we could introduce.

The Lifestyle Collection is designed with more than yoga in mind, so it’s only natural that you would be able to wear our clothing while taking part in a number of activities. We’ve introduced sweatpants to our range of yoga pants which would be great for hitting the gym, going to dance class or spinning. With the Lifestyle Collection you know you’ll be getting a great quality Ana Heart product that will hold up to whatever you throw at it.

You will find clean, chic cuts in all of our pieces in the Lifestyle Collection which will give every yogini a modern look, whatever her style. When your yoga clothes are so fashionable, you will want to show them off to everyone and not just the people at the gym. Many pieces would look great when you go to grab a coffee, hitting the shops or out for a morning stroll.

And, of course, The Lifestyle Collection has all the comfort that’s in all Ana Heart clothing, so finding something perfect for lounging around on a Sunday will never be a problem again.

Combine yoga and fashion for the latest urban chic looks

Have you ever had yoga clothing that is also the best of urban fashion? We looked beyond your usual yogawear when we were designing the Lifestyle Collection, taking our inspiration from many different fashionistas out there in the big, wide world.

If you want a hip, street style, there are the Marley sweatpants in the Lifestyle Collection which look great while exploring your city’s coolest neighbourhoods. The lace-up fly and the slim fitting leg are the perfect design details to give a modern twist to exercise gear.

Our rock ‘n’ roll yoginis will love the Jackson biker jacket because it has that hardcore look yet all the Ana Heart softness and warmth of cotton fleece. The zip details on the cuffs and pockets give that crucial edge and the shoulder pads evoke the very musician it is named after. Finish the look with the silver Love Tuner necklace to be a true yoga punk.

Some of us crave cute yoga clothes that would look great everywhere and the matching Lenny and Levin sweatshirt and pants do just that. With the pink cross-gartering details, these feminine pieces will make the perfect matching ensemble for your yoga session but are great as casual or lounge wear on their own.

With such versatility, each item could find themselves at many different events, whether it’s a street dance competition, the hottest gig or at an art show. Anywhere you go, you will be the chicest lady there with Ana Heart.

Trendy design to make your basics timeless

Fashion is an ever evolving artform, with seasons coming and going throughout the year, each bringing something new to love. Ana Heart loves keeping up with the latest trends, but we also want to make clothes that exist outside of fashion, that you can wear season after season without making a faux pas. There wouldn’t be much point to making our clothes so durable if they weren’t timeless in style.

We all have an entire wardrobe full of basics that we use as a base to create our stylish everyday outfits. The key to getting an entire look to come together is to have the best quality basics, which fit and flatter your body and embody good quality craftsmanship. Too often we reach for cheap clothes to make up our basics and then we have to suffer loose threads, pilling and see-through fabric as a result. Invest in the Lifestyle Collection and you can step out safe in the knowledge that this will never happen. Your Empowering yoga mat is going to last for many yoga sessions, it makes sense your clothes do too.

The Noah asymmetrical vest top would be a great addition as a wardrobe staple as it can function as well as any basic yoga grey tank top. You only need to take one look to see that it is so much more than that. With the scoop neck, two hem lengths and darts at the chest, this top will fit you well and create a unique silhouette.

Ana Heart has an eye for the details

Although we Ana Heart pride ourselves in creating minimalist pieces that make great fashion staples, we also pay attention to the little details. All of the pieces in the Lifestyle Collection bear the same motif you’ll find throughout the whole Ana Heart collection, the single swoop of a golden paintbrush stroke adorning shoulders and ankles alike. The Jagger sweatshirt bears this across the chest, telling the whole world your love for Ana Heart.

At first glance, the Kurt hoodie is a basic, pale pink hoodie, but once you see the Pray For Yoga logo and the dropped shoulder seams, you’ll see it for its true charms. The over large hood and the loose fit create an easy-looking style, perfect for any casual outfit.

The fitted Hill sweatpants boast high quality tailoring that gives a well-fitted look through the leg, relying on the use of darts rather than stretchy materials to maintain the great shape. The eye is also drawn to other details like the slight fraying at the hems and cuffs, so they feel like your old favourites even when they are brand new. The neutral, dusky pink mean it can be paired with items from all over the Ana Heart range, from bras to caps.

Today, fashion details seem to have lost sight of the meaning of the word, a small accent to embellish an item. Everywhere you look, there are new, eyewatering trends while Ana Heart strives to remain an oasis of class.