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Comfortable Yoga Wear to help our Yogini to achieve best results

Every modern day yogini knows that what you wear to your yoga class affects your performance - your clothes aren't just important for functionality, comfort and flexibility but great style also makes you feel great too! That’s why, at Ana Heart we’ve created a range of stylish and versatile yoga clothes to give every woman developing her practice the chance to look and feel fantastic in her yoga wear.
Ana Heart’s collection is designed for women by women. Inspired by urban lifestyle mixed with chic Parisian style, our capsule collection of yoga wear can be interchanged for endless styling options for your yoga wardrobe.
Our clothes are perfectly suited to yoga, pilates and meditation, as well as active sports, gym workouts and comfortable living.

The collection features everything you’ll need to be motivated and prepared for your active yoga sessions. We stock yoga tops, sports bras and bottoms; jackets, hoodies and sweatpants and an array of yoga accessories and high performance equipment. Basically, we have you covered for all those essential items when practicing the art of yoga.

Practising yoga in your favourite gym or at home? Get one of our Yoga Outfits

First up, in order to keep you safe and protect your health during a yoga session or gym workout, a supportive sports bra is every woman’s essential. The Coopers Ligaments that are present in your chest can become stretched, causing irreversible sagging if not protected during active exercise.
Here at Ana Heart we designed our sports bras for all women of different shapes and sizes, to pro-vide the maximum support and comfort needed to perform your yoga and fitness activities with complete confidence. Our innovative and high quality fabrics means our yoga bras provide support for high, medium and low-impact activities to help you workout in the best way possible with total comfort. We have three bras in our collection - the Mansfield, Monroe and Miller - all designed to handle motion and move perfectly in time with your body.
Pair our yoga bras with our diverse range of tops, shorts, pants or leggings to complete your stylish and functional yoga look.

Our range of yoga tops is extensive and versatile. Created with comfort, functionality and style in mind you can find a range of styles such as peplum ballet style tops, sleeveless tank tops and wrap tops; casual t-shirts, loose fitting long sleeved tops and snuggly hoodies. Our eye for style is apparent with beautiful details giving our clothes that extra something special. Metallic motifs, lace-up hippie style necklines and statement slogans embellish our garments to give your yoga style true personality. Our yoga tops are available in a range of colours from black, white, indigo, nude, carbon and grey so you’ll be sure to find a style that suits you.

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A pair of high quality yoga bottoms is every woman’s go-to when it comes to building your perfect yoga wardrobe and at Ana Heart we've got you covered.
The most important thing is our bottoms are designed to move with your body. Made from breath-able fabric to ensure complete comfort, they’re lightweight and super stretchy too for full flexibility. There’s nothing worse than a see-through pair of yoga leggings so each of our designs are made from opaque material to ensure nothing that you don't want will be on view during your class. Our high-quality and innovative materials are quick drying to wick away moisture so you’ll stay sweat free during your workout. Our supportive waistbands come in a range of widths and styles so you are completely covered during your practice, ensuring your leggings won't slip down or move out of place. See our range of figure flattering styles from shorts, leggings and pants with ballet strap ties, ruching wrap waist detailing and leg lengthening mesh panels - there really is a style to suit every-one!

Take your yoga style from the studio to the streets with our collection of lifestyle clothes. The col-lection features hoodies, sweatpants, jackets and sweatshirts to allow you to layer up in style. De-signed in a range of neutral colours to fit in with your existing wardrobe, the pieces are available in black, white, indigo and grey featuring contrast lace up detailing, metallic motifs and exposed zips for an urban style statement.
Our White Boutique offers a selection of tank tops, long sleeved tops, t-shirts and yoga bras mixed with sweatpants, leggings and hoodies. This modern collection creates simplistic, minimalistic and beautifully feminine silhouettes in a pure and calming white colour. Perfect for all yoginis!

Yoga Clothes, Yoga Equipment & Accessories

Now you’ve got your clothes covered, you’ll need some accessories too. At Ana Heart we create the best equipment to support an active lifestyle. The right accessories can take your yoga practice to the next level. Our accessories collection comprises beautiful jewellery; a fashionable, statement cap; a graphic printed practical yoga bag that is perfect for carrying your yoga mat and of course, a much needed durable and slip resistant yoga mat.
Don’t be fooled though… our accessories haven't been created just to look good. Our jewellery acts as a mindfulness and meditation tool that makes a single flute tone when blown to allow the wearer to achieve alignment and peace. Also, we believe our yoga mat is the best available - It is lightweight and easy to carry, durable and slip-resistant and provides comfort with maximum stabil-ity to help you to achieve your best performance.

We offer free delivery on orders over £80 in the UK and free international shipping on orders over the price of €180. Choose your yoga style from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered direct to your door. Our pieces would make a great gift for your yoga or gym partner and you’ll receive a free gift too - get a free Booboo yoga bag with your first order.

Our extensive range of clothes, accessories and equipment is all you could need to enhance and develop your yoga, pilates and meditation practice. Browse our collection of items to select your perfect pieces and you’ll soon be ready to reach inner enlightenment.