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Achieve you best yoga techniques with our yoga pants

To achieve your best technique during any exercise, be it yoga, pilates, meditation or more intense sports you’ll need an exceptional pair of yoga bottoms to wear.
At Ana Heart, our yoga pants are designed to move with your body - they’re lightweight and super stretchy for full flexibility; made from breathable and quick drying fabric to ensure complete comfort; with a range of different styles and shapes our bottoms are designed to be figure flattering for all women with any body type. We’ve got you covered, as each pair is 100% opaque so you can be sure nothing will be on view during your class. The innovative materials are designed to wick away moisture so you’ll stay sweat free and better yet, worry free. You should be able to maintain your focus during your workout, so our bottoms won’t slip down or move out of place.
Yoga can be very technical so it’s important to be equipped with the right clothes, which is why our yoga bottoms are designed to help you perform to your best. From yoga pants to leggings and shorts, our range of yoga bottoms is ideal for your practice. Browse our selection to get you yoga ready.

Our Hendrix supertechnic leggings are sleek and simple in style but, like their name, super tech-nical in design - created to act as a second skin, you can feel completely unrestricted during your practice. The high stretch material allows you to achieve even the trickiest of poses, whilst the soft touch, opaque finish fabric gives you complete comfort and peace of mind that you’re covered in all the right places during your class. The selection comes in three subtle colours, black, grey and carbon so you can match them with all your yoga basics. We love to style ours with our Portman black ballet top for those energetic dance based yoga sessions.

Quick-dry technology our Kravitz yoga leggings are clever!

Our Kravitz mesh leggings are the perfect style for any modern day yogini. Both figure flattering and functional, the sheer, vertical mesh panel creates a leg lengthening look whilst allowing the skin to breathe during a hot yoga session. These yoga pants are made from quick-dry, soft-touch fabric so you can be sure of complete comfort during your workout; designed with maximum stretch fabric for full flexibility and are 100% opaque. The black colour will go with everything in your yoga wardrobe and can be matched with your everyday clothes too.

For those high heat bikram yoga classes a pair of long leggings or pants can be too hot for some yoginis… This is why we've designed our Zoe mesh shorts, for those needing to feel more at one with the elements. Much like the other styles of bottoms, the Zoe shorts are made from quick-dry, soft-touch fabric, contain a breathable mesh band, are 100% opaque and allow maximum stretch. The only difference is they're shorter so you can build an adaptable yoga wardrobe to match all your needs, whichever yoga practice you’re developing. We style ours with our Mansfield black easy bra during our yoga sessions.

Ballet leggings style: function and perfection!

Our Moss ballet leggings mix style with function perfectly. The strap tie detailing at the bottom of the leggings ensures the pants won't ride up during your workout whilst also looking super-cute if we do say so ourselves! Not forgetting its true purpose, the Moss leggings have been engineered to move with your body incorporating quick-dry, soft-touch material that is completely opaque with maxi stretch technology. The style also features a double waistband for complete coverage and support around the mid section. Available in a mix of neutral colours such as carbon, black, grey, white and indigo you can pair them with your other yoga basics, be it subtle hues or brilliant brights. This is a style for dance and ballet lovers everywhere!

Lastly but definitely not least, the Love wrap leggings feature a beautiful crisscross strap, double waist panel for ultimate support and comfort around the middle. Designed with moderate compres-sion, these pants create a slimmer silhouette with figure shaping technology, whilst still allowing for maximum stretch and complete coverage. Available in indigo, carbon and white quick dry, soft feel fabrics you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Yoga pants for women have become a style statement in themselves in recent years and garner more attention than the practice itself. Our ethos at Ana Heart is to create adaptable and versatile yoga wear that isn't restricted to the studio and can be worn anywhere. If you’ve got a soft spot for the on-trend athleisure look, then our yoga pants can be mixed and matched into your everyday wardrobe. If comfort is your first priority, a pair of sleek black leggings will see you through anything your busy day can throw at you.

Yoga pants: how to garment TLC

Your yoga wardrobe needs TLC so follow our care information: To care for our yoga pants in the best way possible, we recommend that you wash the garments in cold water with a mild washing soap and avoid fabric softeners and bleach. To help your yoga pants keep their shape, dry it flat or hang it on the line for natural airing. If choosing to use a tumble dryer, use the cold tumble cycle over a hot cycle as extreme heat can break down the fabrics.

Did you know we offer free delivery on orders over £80 in the UK and free international shipping on orders over €180? Order from the comfort of your own home without worrying about expensive delivery costs. You’ll receive your stylish yoga wardrobe direct to your door.
Why not treat your yoga buddy to a stylish update for their yoga wardrobe? Our bras, tops, pants and accessories will make the perfect gift and what’s more you’ll receive a free gift too - we’re of-fering one of our Booboo yoga bags with your first order. Great!

We have the perfect cut, colour and shape for you so choose from our selection of yoga pants, leggings and shorts to find a pair to aid your hot yoga sessions in style.