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Practice anytime, anywhere with all your yoga equipment in check

You can always spot a true yogini by what she carries with her - mainly her yoga mat. Besides yoga wear (like the perfect fitting yoga leggings or yoga bra), a proper yoga mat is possibly the most important item you’ll ever need for your practice. If you want to get serious about yoga and improve your performance in class, a good quality yoga mat is your best friend.

While most studios offer students mats, you may have to rent these out by the class. This can add up, besides which having your own personal yoga mat means that you can practice anytime and anywhere you like - not just in the studio. Ana Heart’s empowering yoga mat and yoga mat accessories are the best you’ll find and will provide you with the essential support you’ll need while practising any type of yoga or pilates.

Our non-slip yoga mat is the perfect yoga aid - expertly cushioned and ultra-supportive, the 5mm thick yoga mat is the perfect base to ground and support you while you’re practising - both in standing and balancing poses and floor work. Yoga mats also act as the perfect yoga meditation accessories. At the end of class - during the meditation phase (either lying in Savasana - the “corpse pose” - or in seated meditation), you’ll be well supported and comfortable.

Buy a yoga mat at Ana Heart today from our yoga shop in a convenience of your home. Our eco yoga mat made is made from the best quality materials. It’s not easy to find natural, latex-free yoga mats in the UK - well, look no further than Ana Heart. You’ll also find a range of yoga mat accessories like the Urban Nomad yoga bag (so you can travel everywhere with your mat) and our Pray for Yoga cap; the ultimate in yoga chic, to complete your look.

Learn more about our yoga accessories and why we think you'll love them

Yoginis everywhere will love Ana Heart’s collection of yoga wear. The items in our unique lines contain all the yoga clothing essentials you’ll need for a good yoga session (or any fitness class at the gym). These include a range of expertly made yoga pants, yoga bras and yoga tops in a variety of beautiful, muted colours and a range of sizes to flatter and enhance every shape. Our pieces embody the Ana Heart brand DNA “Urban Peace”. This is a combination of chic Parisian-inspired urban style and cool, calming zen.

At Ana Heart we know yoga - and we know women. Our yoga clothes are suited to every single shape and size. We want you to look and feel just as comfortable and unique in your sport wear as you do in your everyday wardrobe. Our elegant, minimalist yoga wear items provide the perfect basics that can be teamed with other key pieces and worn anywhere - not just in the studio.

As well as clothes, discover Ana Heart’s selection of accessories and yoga jewellery that will inspire and delight any yogini. You’ll find a range of yoga essentials like yoga mats, yoga bags and our statement “Pray for Yoga” yoga cap that will complete your look. In our yoga jewellery selection you’ll find our unique Love Tuner necklaces. Not only do these make the ultimate statement to finish off your chic yoga look, these accessories double up as a flute that emits a love frequency when you breathe in and out - the ultimate meditative aid.

Ana Heart items also make the perfect gift for the yogini in your life. Browse our gift card selection where you’ll find cards up to the value of £200. And don’t forget, we offer free delivery on orders over the price of £80 in the UK, and free international shipping on orders over the price of €180.

Features and benefits of our yoga mat and why we think you need one

Ana Heart’s mats are great for yoga and are the best investment any yogini could make. In a yoga session you’ll be moving between a series of challenging standing and balancing poses and floor work. For this you’ll need a high quality mat that grounds and steadies you throughout your entire practice.

Ana Heart’s high performance yoga mat provides the ultimate support. It’s both lightweight and durable, meaning you can carry it with you easily to class, and it will maintain its shape no matter how often it’s used. Our mat provides stability as you practice so you can concentrate on all the important things - like your breathing and poses - without having to worry about slipping.

Ana Heart takes pride in ethically sourcing our materials and fabrics and using the very best, natural material. The yoga mat is no exception, being 100% latex-free. What’s more, it surpasses most yoga mats on the market as it’s the perfect combination of slip-resistant yet non-sticky. It’s also very easy to clean meaning you’ll stay fresh even after a hot yoga session!

When it comes to choosing the right mat, one of the most important features to look out for is the thickness of the mat itself - it must be thick enough to provide the stability and cushioning to support your poses. It will also need to be long enough for all stretching poses. At 180cm long / 66 cm wide / 5mm thick, Ana Heart’s non-slip mat will provide you with unparalleled comfort and cushioning.

We don’t call our mat “empowering” for nothing. It’s the ultimate tool in your practice. We believe that the price of our yoga mat reflects its unbeatable quality and is truly an investment for life. Your yoga mat will soon become your best friend. And don’t forget to buy a yoga mat bag to carry it in - you’ll love our chic print bag… let’s yoge!

Easy steps on how to care for and clean your yoga mat

The most important item in any yogini’s kit is her yoga mat. You’ll be taking your mat with you to class and using it both in and out of the studio, week in, week out. As we all know, yoga can sometimes be a sweaty business - especially in Bikram yoga classes where temperatures can soar to an incredible 40 degrees!

It is therefore vital to keep your yoga mat in the best possible condition, and this means keeping it clean and fresh after every practice. Despite what you might think, it’s easy to clean your yoga mat and doesn’t come at a high price! All you’ll need is essential oil, water and a spray bottle.

Firstly, fill a spray bottle with clean water. Then add to this a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil (this could be anything, but we particularly love lavender for soothing, rosemary for refreshing or frankincense for comforting). Ensure that your water-to-oil ratio is high. Then simply spray your mat all over and finish by wiping it with a damp, hot towel.

If your mat needs a little extra care, just add one teaspoon of baking soda to your spray! Or, for a fuller clean, simply soak your mat in the bathtub, using the same ingredients listed above and then hang it to dry.