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Yoga Wardrobe Essentials : Yoga Bras

Whether you’re completing a yoga or pilates session or hitting the treadmill at the gym, a good sports bra is an essential item when doing any exercise.
As many women will know, the unavoidable movement of your chest can damage breast tissue and give you breast and lower back pain. Besides this, the Coopers Ligaments that are present in your chest can become stretched, causing irreversible sagging - which let’s face it - no woman wants. So regardless of whether you’re doing low, moderate or high impact exercise, be sure to make a supportive sports bra the first item you chuck in your gym bag.
Here at Ana Heart we designed our yoga bras for all women of different shapes and sizes, to pro-vide the support and comfort needed to perform your yoga and fitness activities with complete confidence. Made with only the highest quality and innovative fabrics, our yoga bras provide support for high, medium and low-impact activities to help you workout in the best way possible with total comfort. Pair all of them with our range of tops, shorts, pants or leggings to complete your stylish and functional gym look.

Our tailored selection includes three expertly designed yoga bras to handle motion and movement - the Mansfield, Monroe and Miller - designed to move with your body, you’ll find the right size and style to suit you.

Our Mansfield yoga bra has been created with low to moderate exercise in mind - with medium support and comfort it would be perfect for those gentle yoga, pilates or meditation sessions. The quick dry, soft touch fabric has been developed to help wick away sweat so you stay dry and comfortable during your practice. The chafe resistant band which sits snuggly underneath the bust means you wont be agitated by any itching which can cause unwanted distractions when in the zone. Available in black, white, carbon and grey, the feminine Mansfield yoga bra can be worn with an array of your yoga clothes. We like to style ours with a casual top and a pair of fitted leggings - try our Morrison Open Side nude t-shirt for a chic yoga style.

Choose from our versatile Yoga Bra Range

The Monroe yoga bra takes it to the next level. Designed for maximum support and comfort, the easy-drying, soft touch fabric gives optimum comfort to your high intensity workouts. As with the Mansfield, it again has a chafe resistant elastic band that sits under the bust for smooth movements and to allow total concentration during your yoga session. Adding a little sparkle to your routine, this racerback style yoga bra features thin gold lurex straps to add that much appreciated fashion edge to your yoga wardrobe essentials. Available in a range of neutral hues including, black, white, carbon, grey, indigo silver and carbon silver there is a colour to suit any yoga outfit. We love styling ours with our Harper easy tank top adding a shimmering touch to a practical yoga basic. Match with a pair of our super stretch yoga pants and you’ll be good to go.

Much like our clothes, we don’t like you to be restricted at Ana Heart so our yoga bras can be worn for a range of everyday activities, exercises and training - Different physical activities require different levels of support for your breasts. Yoginis like us require a light control, as does walking and gardening. Cycling, power walking and hiking requires moderate control, whilst intense activi-ties such as: tennis, jogging, dancing, horse rinding, boxing and running requires maximum support to ensure your health, comfort and safety.

Spruce it up with our “Miller“ Sports Bra Design

Lastly, our Miller yoga bra takes not only technique but style up a notch. The stunning multi strap back allows for a full range of unrestricted movement, whilst the intricate straps add a chic and stylish touch. The compression style bra with quick dry, super soft fabric enables you to stay dry, by expelling moisture during your high intensity yoga sessions. Similar to our other engineered designs, the Miller sports bra features an anti chafe under bust strap. Available in four cool colours - black, white, carbon and indigo there isn’t a style that you won’t love! Wear yours with our Phoenix open back t-shirt for an on-trend underwear as outerwear look.

As we’ve said before, our yoga clothes are not only designed for the studio. The sports bra is not only an essential part of your workout wardrobe - it has made its way from underwear to outerwear and is one of today’s hottest fashion statements. Sports bras can be great to fashion with your every-day wardrobe too - the soft and smooth fabric allows for a seamless look underneath your tight tops not to mention the absence of pesky underwires digging into your skin; the sports bra can be a great way to stay stylish, yet comfortable, all day everyday. Our fashionable yet functional bras will be the everyday basic your wardrobe needs.

Garment Care for a longer service – Yoga Bra Care Dos

To care for our yoga bras in the best way possible, we recommend that you wash the bra in cold water with mild detergent and avoid fabric softeners and bleach. To help the bra keep its shape, dry it flat or hang it on the line. If choosing to use a tumble dryer, use the cold tumble cycle only as extreme heat can break down the fabrics. Our bras have been built to last, but if you see any elas-tic coming loose or your bra feels less supportive, then it’s time to replace it with a new yoga bra.

Whatever form of exercise us women do, buying a top quality sports bra is the same as buying top quality sports bra, it will support your posture and improve your workout routine! Breathable, soft to the touch and super supportive, Ana Heart’s yoga and sports bras are so comfortable you’ll never want to take them off!
Browse our range of exceptional sports bra now at a great price! You’ll find the perfect yoga bra to suit you and your body shape to allow you to reach your top performance.