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Complete your yoga outfit with a stylish yoga bag from our online yoga shop online yoga shop

At Ana Heart we’re serious about Yoga, which is why we know that the serious yogini needs to be properly kitted out for each and every yoga class. This is about more than just your fitness clothes (those perfect stretchy yoga pants, a beautifully fitting yoga bra or a cool yoga top). There’s a whole range of yoga accessories and equipment to go alongside your clothing that will aid your performance and make you feel confident in class - and you don’t need to look further than the Ana Heart collection to find them!

Probably the most essential item for any yogini is her mat - a strong and sturdy mat is a vital tool when practising any form of yoga. In any given session you’ll be moving, sometimes rapidly, between a series of challenging poses, including floor work and stretching, so it’s important to have a mat that provides you with the ultimate support. A proper yoga mat is an investment for life.

Of course, to go with your mat you’ll need another key item - a good yoga mat bag. Just like your mat, it’s important to invest in a good yoga kit bag; one that’s both high-performance and stylish meaning it can be used again and again. Ana Heart’s yoga tote bag is the perfect solution. As with all of our pieces, you’ll find exceptional quality and unique design in our yoga mat carry bag.

Our yoga bag is both functional and fashion forward. Called the Urban Nomad bag, it’s a good sized tote that that will allow you to carry your mat easily to and from class. It’s lightweight yet durable and comfortable to wear. You’ll love the bold statement print on our yoga bag and its cool, graphite colour. Take it with you to the studio, the gym. It can hold your yoga clothing, your mat and yoga jewellery, as well as having a handy pockets for your water bottle and phone.

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Ana Heart is every yogini’s go-to website for all things yoga-related an inspired. We stock large and unique collections of yoga wear including yoga tops, yoga pants, yoga legging and yoga bras. You’ll also find stunning lines of yoga jewellery, accessories and equipment featuring our statement “Pray for Yoga” yoga cap, our high-performance mats, a range of minimalist, elegant yoga necklace Love Tuners and our stylish yoga bags.

Yoga bags are an essential tool for any yogini, and you won’t find better in the UK than Ana Heart’s Urban Nomad yoga bag. Our multi-coloured statement print bag will soon become every yogini’s best friend. Not only will it complement your Ana Heart yoga outfit, adding the ideal dash of colour to your cool sports look, it’s also multipurpose and can be used to hold a number of yoga items.

The Ana Heart yoga bag is the perfect holder for yogini’s yoga mats. It’s important to keep your mat in the best possible condition. By carrying it in your yoga bag, you’ll ensure that it doesn’t collect dust and stays bacteria-free. Our yoga bag also functions as a bag for yoga mat accessories, and can hold a range of yoga equipment to take with you to every class like a foam roller or a yoga block. These items will greatly improve your practice by supporting you in difficult poses and stretches.

When you buy your yoga bag, don’t forget we offer free delivery on orders over the price of £80 in the UK, and free international shipping on orders over the price of €180. Ana Heart items make the perfect gift for the yogini in your life. Discover our gift card selection where you’ll find cards up to the value of £200.

See for yourself - get a yoga bag full of fun and good vibes!

Every yogini needs a good yoga bag in her wardrobe. And being properly kitted out for yoga doesn’t just mean having the right outfit like yoga tops, bras leggings or pants - it means having the right equipment to take to class and help improve your yoga performance. As well as essential tool like yoga mats to practice on and a bottle of water to stay hydrated, all yoginis should have a great yoga bag to hold their essentials.

Ana Heart’s gorgeous yoga mat bag carrier is the solution! As stylish as it is functional, you’ll love our Urban Nomad yoga bag. Ideal for any yoga lover out there, our yoga mat bag is the best you’ll find on the UK market! Doubling up as a yoga kit bag, use it to carry all your essentials. As well as being roomy enough to fit any mat, it’s a great bag for yoga mat accessories, for example your handy foam roller or yoga block, which will aid and support you in a series of tricky poses and stretches.

As with all Ana Heart pieces, the yoga bag is chic, minimalist and on trend. With its multi-coloured yet subtle chrome print, you’ll want to take it with you everywhere - not just to the studio! It’s a multipurpose bag, featuring both a zip pocket for your smartphone and an extra inside pocket for your water bottle - what more could you need for your yoga sessions?

Ana Heart prides itself on using only the best fabric and materials in all of our pieces - and the same goes for our yoga bag. 100% cotton, it’s soft, lightweight and comes in a beautiful chrome print pattern.

How to care for your yoga bag – dos and don’ts

As with all of your yoga kit - including your yoga gear, clothes and equipment - it’s important to take good care of your Ana Heart yoga bag. Just as you would regularly clean your mat to stay as clean and fresh as possible, cleaning your bag will keep it in top condition so you can stay looking cool.

Ana Heart pieces are a real investment for any yogini - and a key addiction to any wardrobe. Proper and regular care will ensure that your product, and so your whole ensemble, stays looking fresh and well put together. We want all women to look, and feel, their best when they’re on the way to the studio or just out and about!

Ana Heart’s bag is lightweight, durable and 100% cotton. When washing your Ana Heart bag make sure you follow the instructions carefully. Preferably, you should hand wash your bag - using warm water and your usual washing powder or detergent. The bags should then be air dried. If hand washing isn’t an option, or you’re pushed for time, set your machine to a delicate cycle. Cold or luke warm water is the ideal temperature. Do not tumble dry your bags - leave it to dry natural by air drying it.