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Improve your yoga experience with the right yoga accessories

As every yogini knows, it’s essential to have the right kit and equipment when you’re in the studio. Yoga is so much more than just a simple form of exercise - it’s an ancient practice that requires the perfect balance of a multitude of skills including strength, flexibility, balance, good posture, focus and alignment (and that’s just the physical side!) A host of accessories like a yoga mat, yoga block and foam roller, provide essential yoga aids - every yogini will need these in her life!

During any given yoga session, you’ll be moving between a series of standing and balancing yoga poses and floor work. Yoga is a real workout so it’s vital to have the right kit to help you feel and look your best. Ana Heart’s online yoga shop offers a wide range of yoga clothing including a selection of beautiful and unique yoga essentials like yoga bottoms (including shorts and yoga leggings), yoga bras, yoga tops and even yoga bags - all in a variety of styles, sizes and colours. The right pair of stretch yoga leggings and the perfect-fitting yoga bra can make a world of difference to your performance in class. And don’t forget yoga jewellery - the perfect finishing touch to your outfit!

And it’s not just yoga clothing you’ll need for a good session - to take your yoga to the next level, besides the yoga pants, yoga tops and yoga bras, there’s a whole host of fabulous yoga accessories online at Ana Heart. Discover essential yoga accessories like the anti-slip yoga mat or our ultra-cool yoga bags. Our yoga mats are every urban yoginis best friend - take them with you to every class and be yoga-ready.

Ana Heart’s selection of yoga accessories also includes a unique line of yoga jewellery! Our yoga jewellery provides the perfect finish to any outfit. This includes the incredible Love Tuners - yoga jewellery that doubles up as a meditative aid! Work out in style - buy yoga accessories online at Ana Heart’s online yoga store today; the perfect accompaniment for all your yoga, pilates or gym classes. We also offer free delivery on orders of items over £80 in the UK and free shipping for orders over the price of €180. Browse our unique selection of yoga accessories today.

Browse our yoga gear items to complete your yoga class must-haves

Every yogini should be kitted out in the right yoga gear for her practice. Just like with any other type of fitness (gym sessions, running et al), it’s essential to exercise in total comfort so that you can focus on your workout! Having the right yoga wear is your first step. Ana Heart clothes are designed to work with your body - from breathable cotton yoga bottoms and yoga pants, available in a variety of styles and colours (including our gorgeous mesh detail shorts and our stretchy yoga leggings), to supportive and elegant yoga bras and yoga tops in an array of cool, muted colours.

You can also buy yoga accessories and yoga equipment online at Ana Heart. An essential tool for any meditation or yoga session is a proper yoga mat. Ana Heart yoga mats are durable, sturdy, slip-resistant and provide the best support during any class. These high-performance mats are lightweight and provide unparalleled cushioning support. Unlike most yoga mats, Ana Heart’s empowering mat is non-sticky meaning you won’t slip and will stay perfectly balanced throughout your session.

Yoga is just like any other workout (even running or a session at the gym) so you’ll need proper equipment to help you perform to your best. Many of the postures and balances in yoga require some extra tools. Among these are a foam roller, a yoga block, a pair of yoga socks and flip flops for before and after class, and don’t forget your best friend - water! It’s vital to take small sips of water during class so that you stay hydrated and keep cool.

A number of yoga accessories will help you achieve your best. The yoga block has numerous uses, for numerous yoga positions. A good yoga block will help you find your balance in standing poses, add extra length during stretches at the end of class and support tight knees and hips. Some poses also require you to use your sit bones and this can be a challenge! Use the yoga block to help you along the way. Keep your foam roller handy too, to relieve tension in tough positions and help you balance well.

Comfortable and stylish yoga outfits to make your yoga class something to look forward to!

Every yogini will love Ana Heart’s products. All of the items in our yoga clothes collections embody our brand DNA Urban Peace - a unique style mix of Parisian urban chic and zen. This translates into beautiful, one of a kind pieces that the urban yoga girl will want to wear everywhere. From yoga bottoms to yoga bras, yoga tops and even yoga bags, our pieces provide wardrobe basics that can be mixed and matched with other key pieces and worn both in and out of the yoga studio.

Browse two of our collections; the White Boutique and the Lifestyle Collection and you’ll find chic, minimalist pieces like slouchy yoga bottoms, hoodies, yoga leggings and our on-trend leather jacket that you can team with any wardrobe piece and wear everywhere. The White Boutique is inspired by our love of all things white - embodying the spirit of purity, renewal and detox.

But having the perfect yoga pants or yoga bras isn’t the only answer to the modern yogini’s yoga outfit. To complete your look, Ana Heart also offers a selection of practical and stylish yoga accessories to aid you in class that are at once functional and fashion forward. Our yoga accessories include yoga mats, yoga bags, a yoga cap and Love Tuner flute necklaces in an array of colours. The flute necklaces emit the incredible love hz frequency when you breathe in and out which will help focus and calm you during meditation and yoga sessions.

At Ana Heart we live and breathe yoga and our website isn’t just a place to buy yoga accessories online. As well as our boutique yoga store offerings like yoga clothes and yoga accessories, we also have a dedicated Events page where we keep our yoginis up to date with activities and events from the yoga world. You can also find out about promotion details and our latest offers (as well as following us on social media!)

Discover the yoga world, discover yourself!

Whether you’re a practised yogini or a total beginner starting out on your yoga journey, there’s always more to learn and discover in the yoga world. This is because yoga is so much more than a way of keeping fit. Of course, the physical health benefits of practising yoga are endless - these include toning and sculpting the body, building muscle strength, improving flexibility and posture and protecting your spine. Some of the lesser known benefits of the ancient art include boosting immunity, curing insomnia, easing migraines and even fighting food cravings!

Yoga is also a route into the spiritual world and forms the basis of many types of meditation. When you do yoga, it’s not just about the stretching and bending - beyond this, it’s about setting an intention and focusing the mind to the present. With continued practice, yogis and yoginis will find themselves able to quiet their mind during any stressful time, or to alleviate anxiety or emotional imbalance (something that is becoming increasingly common in today’s world).

We all know that it’s not always that easy to quiet the mind, but the good news is there are things you can do to help focus your attention to the present moment. As well as having the correct yoga equipment with you in class (the perfect fitting yoga pants, a foam roller or a yoga block to help you in various poses), finding the right spot to practice can make a huge difference, as can chanting or thinking positive mantras.

To aid you in your mantra chanting, Ana Heart offers a line of Love Tuners as part of our yoga accessories collection. The Love Tuner has two functions - it completes your outfit as a statement designer necklace and also doubles up as a flute that you can blow into! When you do this as you breathe in and out during yoga, a frequency of 528 hz (the love frequency) will be emitted which calms the mind and body.

Buy yoga accessories and much, much more at Ana Heart today. View our Gift page and you’ll find gift cards to the value of £200 to treat the yogini in your life! What’s more, you can you can even get free shipping on all orders over the price of €180.