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Designer jewellery meets yoga ideology on the road of enlightenment

Ana Heart is a bestselling brand of yoga wear. Our collections contain a wide range of beautiful and unique yoga clothes to suit every shape and every type of yoga practice. Our brand DNA Urban Peace flows throughout our lines, embodying the perfect mix of urban chic and zen. As women, we know just how important is to feel comfortable in our own skin when we work out or practice yoga, and style is a huge part of this.

Gone are the days when we’d throw on a pair of baggy bottoms and an old T to go to the yoga studio. Today, women want to look and feel great in their active wear. Your yoga wear should be an extension of your own wardrobe and Ana Heart understands this. All of our pieces - from our yoga pants and yoga tops to our statement yoga cap, and even our leather jacket and yoga bag - provide classic wardrobe basics that can be mixed up with other pieces and worn both in and out of the studio. We also sell a sturdy yoga mat - every yogini’s best friend.

But it’s not just yoga clothes you’ll find when you browse the site - we also offer a range of yoga jewellery that will delight any yogini. Our yoga jewellery is as practical as it is stylish. It’s ultra-cool, elegant and makes a bold statement. Our necklaces, charms and designer jewellery will complete any outfit and is available in a variety of colours like antique silver and bronze. But beyond the style, there are a whole host of yoga jewellery benefits, including aiding focus and providing a number of healing properties both in and out of the studio.

You can buy all of our products on the website, including our beautiful range of yoga inspired jewellery, beaded jewellery and beautiful necklaces. We offer free delivery on orders over £80 in the UK and free international shipping on orders over the price of €180. Buy online today at Ana Heart - every yogini’s favourite yoga brand.

528hz - the sound of the universe

Ana Heart’s range of yoga inspired jewellery includes a selection of designer necklaces, beaded jewellery and charms in different styles. Perhaps the most interesting, and coveted, of all the designer necklaces in Ana Heart’s selection are the beautiful Love Tuners. Why? Because they do far, far more than just complement a yoga outfit… they emit a love frequency with their tune!

If you haven’t heard of the love frequency, just think of it just like sound or light frequency. Just as certain sound and light levels are more calming and positive than others, so the same goes for the love frequency. At 528 hz, the love frequency, also referred to as the “God frequency” or even the “Miracle frequency”, has an incredibly positive effect on the mind and physical body, inducing instant relaxation and reducing feelings of anxiety, stress or discomfort.

The love frequency is the same frequency that occurs in organic matter - and you can’t get much purer than that! Our body feels this frequency resonating as sound vibrations and picks up on it. The brain first picks up the signals and interprets them. The body then literally feels the vibrations of the frequency. The chakras are also involved at this stage - chakras, meaning “wheels” in Sanskrit, are the 7 energy centres in our body. These are also awakened by the frequency and will respond positively as a result.

Whenever you feel anxious or emotionally imbalanced, a tool like mindfulness can help to re-balance you by bringing your focus to the present moment - mindfulness means the quality or state of being conscious and aware. This goes hand in hand with yoga and meditation. It isn’t always easy, and sometimes we need a little help. That’s where Ana Heart’s yoga jewellery comes into play. You can enhance your yoga practice and feel the numerous benefits of yoga jewellery simply by buying from our selection of yoga jewellery today.

Tune in, relax and ooze happiness!

Watch the health benefits of yoga jewellery unfold before your very eyes when you buy a designer necklace or another piece of designer jewellery from Ana Heart’s line of yoga jewellery. Our Love Tuners are probably not the type of designer necklace you’re used to seeing in stores or online. The Love Tuners are a little bit different from your average necklace, to say the least. This is because they double up as a whistle to aid your practice!

Unlike most everyday jewellery, wearing yoga jewellery isn’t just about accessorising your yoga wear or gym outfit (that’s just an added benefit of the Ana Heart brand!). It also acts as an aid to meditation, mindfulness and all forms of yoga practice. The Love Tuner flute necklace is a mindfulness tool that takes the form of a beautiful statement necklace. Our Love Tuners are single tone flutes that align you whilst you are meditating or practising yoga. The flute is set to emit the so-called “love frequency” - this is the 528 love hz, and will resonate throughout your entire body, and slowly calm and relax you.

The Love Tuner flute necklace is unique as it can be used as an instrument while you meditate anytime, anywhere. They are the perfect yoga and meditation aid as they work in sync with your body as you breathe in and out. Remember that in yoga, we are taught always to come back to the breath - the breath is what keeps us focused and balanced, and brings our awareness to our practice.

By using the Love Tuner as you breathe in and out, you will achieve constant relaxation. Why? Because the tone and vibration of the love hz frequency that the flute emits resonates throughout the body and is the perfect tool to calm the mind. This is the most unique UK yoga jewellery you will come across. The Love Tuners are beautifully designed, made of metal and recycled beads, and available in a range of subtle colours like antique silver and bronze. They also make the perfect gift for the yogini in your life!

Prayer beads to bring you closer to the divine spirit!

When it comes to yoga, all you really need is yourself, a mat and your own breath to stay calm and focussed. But as all yogis and yoginis know, the mind can’t be tamed that easily and often wanders during sessions, meaning that sometimes we need a little outside help with our meditative practice. This help comes in many forms and is unique to each individual’s personal practice. Yoga jewellery is one of these aids. From necklaces and charms to bracelets, flutes and recycled beads, there are many types of yoga jewellery that can aid us in our practice - in fact, yoga jewellery benefits are endless.

One of these aids comes in the form of mala beads, which you’ll find in a variety of Ana Heart’s jewellery selection. Mala beads are very special meditative aids that have been used by yogis and other spiritual soles for millennia as a tool to help focus the mind during practice and meditative reflection. Mala beads are similar to any form of prayer bracelets or “worry beads”, in that yogis can use them to chant mantras whilst counting the beads. Mala beads can be made of various materials, including seeds, gemstones and different types of recycled beads. They can be worn as a necklace or even as bracelet, wrapped around the wrist. Mantras are generally repeated 108 times, as malas contain 108 beads on average… that’s some mental focus!

To find the most unique and beautiful yoga jewellery in the UK, browse Ana Heart’s jewellery collection. The brand has its own special meditative aid, the Love Tuner. Made of copper and recycled beads, and available in a variety of subtle colours and styles, the Love Tuner is a single tone flute necklace that emits a love frequency as you breathe in and out… you could even use the beaded jewellery as a mala as you practice too… let’s yoge!