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19th April 2019
Yoga pose everyone

Yoga Poses That Help Everyone

While some yoga poses have specific benefits, others are great all-rounders. Regardless of your age or ability, these types of poses are ideal. For best results, […]
18th April 2019
Yoga wrist pain

Yoga Warm-ups for Wrist Pain

When suffering from wrist pain, you may be tempted to avoid yoga altogether. However, this isn’t always necessary. If you’re experiencing mild wrist pain, warming up […]
12th April 2019
Yoga fix bad posture

Yoga Poses to Fix Bad Posture

Nothing good comes from slouching over a desk all day. Not only does staring at a computer take a toll on your eyes, but it can […]
12th April 2019
Yoga lunch break

Short Yoga Classes for Your Lunch Break

While many of us would like to attend a weekly yoga class, sometimes it’s just not feasible. With the commitment of both work and family life, […]