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15th February 2019
Yoga impact journée

What are the Limbs of Yoga?

When translated from Sanskrit, the word yoga means to connect or unite. Contrary to popular belief, the practice isn’t all about complex poses and tight yoga […]
14th February 2019
yoga énergie

The Yamas and Niyamas in Yoga

Before yoga focussed on tight-fitting sweatpants and achieving the perfect body, it infiltrated culture in a much deeper way. In addition to bettering their physical health, […]
8th February 2019
Yoga four bandhas

The Four Main Bandhas

Often used alongside pranayama, bandhas can be used to temporarily restrict the flow of energy. To practice them, all you need is a clear mind and […]
7th February 2019
Yoga healing practice

Yoga as a Healing Practice

Yoga can be used to create unity between the body and mind. When the two become disconnected, our body becomes out of balance; if left untreated, […]